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Gillenia stipulata (Muhl.) Trel.
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Medicinal use of American Ipecac

The dried powdered root bark is cathartic, slightly diaphoretic, a mild and efficient emetic, expectorant and tonic. Minute doses are used internally in the treatment of colds, chronic diarrhoea, constipation, asthma and other bronchial complaints. The roots have been used externally in the treatment of rheumatism. A cold infusion of the roots has been given, or the root chewed, in the treatment of bee and other stings. The roots are harvested in the autumn, the bark is removed and dried for later use. A tea made from the whole plant is strongly laxative and emetic. Minute doses are used internally in the treatment of colds, indigestion, asthma and hepatitis. A poultice or wash is used in the treatment of rheumatism, bee stings and swellings. A decoction or strong infusion of the whole plant has been taken a pint at a time as an emetic. A poultice of the plant has been used to treat leg swellings. The plant has been used in the treatment of toothaches.

for more  info  http://www.missouriplants.com/Whitealt/Gillenia_stipulata_page.html

 Rabbit Tobacco
I love using these leave in my art , it is green on one side and white on the other .
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