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There are 3 public folder email mailboxes that are accessible for members of the General Assembly. You are welcome to send email to these public folders but for best results and to ensure that the email message goes directly to the legislator's inbox, email your Representative and/or Senator directly.
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or write in at
North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Building
16 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
call 919-733-7928
​for MEC
Written comments can be sent via email to ; or by mail to
NCDENR, attn: Trina Ozer, 1601 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699
Also you can get all the MEC members phone and email here .


  1. Hey - can I please use the retention pond picture in a blog post? I'll be posting on Thursday AM on Daily Kos about the progress of SB 1132 (California fracking moratorium). I'm at JamesWells98226 at gmail dot com. To see any of my prior posts, see


    1. James , not sure which pic you are talking about ? I probably found it on facebook ? sorry

  2. Curious if you knew about what Bob Joyce said about the prime target area for fracking in Lee County ?
    Can find it here:

    Also, you may find the below video at you tube interesting.
    These two guys have covered fracking in NC in more than one video, you can prob. find more at their you tube channel but this one really hits the nail on the head, imho.

  3. Hi thanks for the tip , yes I saw the article and actually Ed Harris was misquoted there ..."We hope when the final legislation is written that communities like ours would see a property tax benefit from the development of natural gas," was NOT said by Ed Harris but by Bob Joyce according to Ed .
    Thanks SO much for the video link , I posted it here at the blog and also on our facebook page

  4. Below is an article that ALL the mining and energy members should read, in addition to ALL of the general assembly !!


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