seeds and plants 4 sale

Love in A Puff, Balloon Vine, Heartseed (Cardiospermum halicacabum) Seeds 
20+ seeds $3.00

I found this great picture to show you what the seeds look like 
these vines can grow alone or with others they are not competing vines.
  the next 2 plants often get confused , I had to check online to find out what the seeds looked like because mine got mixed up ! Cypress Vine seed pods often bear around 20 seeds, but Cardinal Climbers only bear 1 or two seeds per pod.)
this is Cypress vine seeds 

I found this pic from Park seed

Red Cypress Vine Seeds
12- to 25-foot vines grow easily in full sun and any soil!
 Seeds (30+ Seeds $2.00) Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds 
this Cypress vine is mixed with Love-in-a-puff vine

Cardinal Climber Vine  (10+Seeds $2.00) Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds

Vigorous twining vine reaches 15 to 20 feet!

Marigold seeds 50+ $3.00  
mixed variety with each plant displaying single, semi-double and crested blooms in varying blends of yellow, gold, orange and red. Easy growers, bushy, covered in color from early summer to frost. 

Cleome / Mix Spider Flower Seeds 100+ $2.00 

Blooms from early summer till frost on tall plants! New blooms open every afternoon!
I started mine many years ago with a packet like this .
much more coming soon 

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