Monday, October 31, 2016

My NAACP Freedom Fund-Health Award

   Yep, that's right my NAACP Freedom Fund Health award! It is a great acknowledgement for ELEE and I am proud for us all!


picture taken by Karen Martin 

I was totally blown away when I first read the letter from my dear friend Bob Finch (on right in pic) the Community Affairs Chairman letting me know “I would be receiving the Health Award for my work through”

Lee County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet was Saturday Oct. 29th 2016, at 6pm. 

this was in the Banquet booklets 

Everything was so exciting! Dean and Johnsie Tipton were there for support by the time I got there. Johnsie took some pics of me outside and was so full of encouragement, as she always is! It is folks like her that keep me fighting when I feel like giving up. She is my cheering squid :)  

Soon we were joined by Alan and Barbara Longman and John Wagner as well! I was so nervous I forgot my camera and if you know me well that is like most people forgetting their phones. So I missed so many shots I would have liked to had taken. I tried with my flip phone and just got 1 blurry one of this sweet couple. 
Dean and Johnsie

Johnsie took some pictures though and will be sending them to me soon. She takes great pictures too! I'll add them asap or make a 2nd blog .(updated added below)

This was a first for me in so many ways, 1st award for being an Health activist , some of the honorees had many awards of all kinds. Margaret Murchison is one.

 1st time sitting in the front tables of a big banquet like this, held for the honorees and one extra… (I am so thankful Debbie Hall was there by my side the whole time!) Other honorees at our table were the Mayor Chet Mann and his wife Missy, Margaret Murchison and husband Fred.  

There was music by "Tempting Male Chorus" (proud to say one of those fellows was Vincent 'Fisher' Mcmillian who has marchedand rallied with ELEE many times!)

There was great food buffet style (honorees and party went 1st) , an inspiring speaker Dr.Rupert W. Nacosta , PhD (would love to go hear him anytime!

Best of all wonderful fellowship with folks from all walks of life that want to make good things happen and changes for the future of our community! 

As Lee County NAACP President Ervin Fox and Bob Finch introduced each person so wonderfully and only one actually spoke Bill Horner, III asked to speak right before me!

I thought I would not be speaking since Ervin and Bob did so well introducing not just me, but invited everyone with EnvironmentaLee that was there to stand up in front with me!

I laughed when I was asked to speak…My speech… I actually did not take it out of my purse (still at the table)! So I tried to remember what I had written but did okay I guess… ? Atleast they know we are out here now! 

So here is what I wrote…

I am honored by this award and I must share this with all the people that volunteer with me at ELEE. Especially, Debbie Hall, Marsha Ligon and Keely Wood who work as hard as I do helping to educate our community of the environmental hazards like fracking and Duke Energy wanting to dump at least 8 million tons of coal ash here in Lee County next year. 

These are just a few issues threatening our water, land, air and the health of our future generations in our county and state.I also must thank the Lee County NAACP for helping ELEE since we started. Last but not least Carl my sweetheart, for his support of me in my works.

there were 12 recipients of the NAACP Freedom Fund awards:

Employer of the year-COTY

Small Business -Greg & Nancy Adams of Piggly Wiggly

Community Service-Sheriff Tracy Carter

 Education-Dr. Andy Bryan

Man of the Year-Mayor Chet Mann

Woman of the Year-Margaret Murchison

Medgar Evers Legacy-Rev. Daniel Owens

Lifetime Achievement-Attorney Bill Wilson

 Church of the year-Rev. Shawn Williams

Pastor of the Year-Dr. Jace Cox

Media -Bill Horner, III, Publisher Emeritus of the Herald

Health-Terica Luxton of EnvironmentaLee

One more really "COOL" thing I got was this neat hand fan !

Here are the pictures Johnsie sent to me.
Johnsie took these 1st two outside of the banquet 

SO glad I turned my award the right way ! 

Debbie Hall , me and Johnsie 

Lynda Turbeville and me , taken by her hubby.

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