Sunday, June 26, 2016

Two of many Fields of Filth in Lee Co NC

This interactive map is really a great resource put together by the Waterkeeper Alliance 

Here are 2 Chicken Farms surrounded by 100 year Floodplains sitting ‪on Sanford‬'s largest watershed too ...

Click any picture to enlarge.

I circled the 2 chicken factory farms on this picture . check out the legend below to let you know what it all is.   

Ragan rd farm

 map of area of both farms 
Payne farm

BTW the folks that live near these farms Only have Well Water , no City water available.

For the record , I own land with a well that was hand dug over 100 years ago, that is centered "in between these Chicken Farms " If anyone would like to test that well it can be done manually it has not been used since I drank from it nearly 20 years ago. 

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