Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tell the Service It Must Do Better for Bats

Charah included a brief mention of the Northern Long Eared Bat in the environmental report that it filed:

  “Suitable summer habitat for the Northern long – eared bat does exist within the proposed site and permanent removal of forested habitat may adversely affect this species.

However at the time, the bat had not been declared a Federally Endangered Species.  In the report, it stated that - if - the bat became an official endangered species, then:

"The timing of tree clearing activities at the site may be affected once the final listing decision is made.  Once listed, a moratorium on tree cutting could go into effect from approximately May 15th to August 15th." 

Now, it IS a protected species, but the US Fish and Wildlife Service is responding to corporate pressures and it considering reducing the protections that the bat will get.  That is why having as many people as possible send in the form letter is so important during this public comment period. 
We might be able to get full protection for the bat - and we should get some limits placed on Charah's damages. 

Tell the Service It Must Do Better for Bats

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