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PCB dumping on NC roadways

I was reminded of this dumping reading a post on facebook that asked Who remembers the PCB spill that was illegally dumped along the roadside down highway 87 by Oakwood Trailer Park and where wal mart is now. I was renting a mobile home in Oakwood at the time and remember seeing the black substance along the shoulder of the road."

So I did some searching ? Did it ever get cleaned up ? Was this the PCB waste they dumped on Warren County ? yep it seems so .

Hundreds of residents were arrested in sustained protests, and there were several years of legal challenges. But the state succeeded in building the landfill and filling it with 13,000 truckloads of PCB dirt in 1982.

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Way back then ....

United States v. Ward

During the summer of 1978, officials in the State of North Carolina discovered that the shoulders of many miles of rural roadside had been sprayed with an oily substance laced with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a toxic substance. Investigation revealed that the PCBs had been deliberately sprayed along the roadside from a truck equipped for that purpose by Robert Burns and his two sons. The source of the chemical proved to be Ward Transformer Company (WTC), a Raleigh, North Carolina enterprise engaged in the business of buying, rebuilding and reselling used voltage transformers. This process resulted in waste PCBs, a liquid used extensively in transformers because of its high ignition temperature or "flash point."
Robert Earl Ward, Jr. (Ward), Chairman of the Board of WTC, was indicted by state officials for malicious damage to real property as a result of some of the spills and was later acquitted....

“PCBs do not degrade very easily,” said Nile Testerman, an environmental engineer with the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources. “They’re always there. Once they’re in an environment, they’re hard to get out.”
 If they’re feeding it to their children or their pregnant wives, then there’s a real problem,” Starr said. “A child who has been eating the fish for 10 years, that’s where you’re going to start to see the health impacts.”

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The latest info I could find on it was this Headlines....July 2014:  Toxic cleanup shifts from dirt near RDU to region’s streams, lakes

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An 8-acre mound of dirt is all that remains after an $82 million cleanup at the site of Ward Transformer Co., the Triangle’s nastiest industrial polluter. But Ward’s half-century legacy of toxic PCB contamination will linger in the Raleigh area for years to come in creeks and lakes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport west of the city to the Neuse River on the east side....

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environmental racism. That term was coined after the disastrous PCB spill in North Carolina, when a disposal contractor dumped close to 13,000 gallons of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) along 210 miles of road in 14 different counties. The state chose Warren County, NC, as the place to build the landfill to bury all of the contaminated soil. This county was one of ninety different sites considered for the PCB disposal, and it just so happens that Warren had a higher percentage of African-American residents than any other county in the state.
Try typing 'North Carolina environmental racism' you will sadly find it is Still going on strong !  

like this one

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  1. You might also reference "Warren County PCB Landfill".


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