Saturday, May 30, 2015

There's an AshHole coming in our backyard!

There's an Ash Hole coming in our backyard!
 Or at least they think they are ! It won't be without a fight though!.
We are learning from others what Can happen if we don't Raise Hell Now! 
We will live in it later ! 
June 18th we will have guest here in Sanford NC from Alabama thanks to !
Adam Johnston of Alabama Rivers and Esther Calhoun from Uniontown Alabama are coming to NC ! 
We are still working on a place and time to have them speak with us all. 
Here is an article that features them both

Uniontown, Alabama is located in Perry County, a part of the South with a vibrant civil rights history. Not only was Perry County the home of both civil rights martyr Jimmie Lee Jackson and Coretta Scott King, but local residents also report the town had some of the most peaceful race relations in Alabama during that tumultuous period.
Yet, 50 years after the historic march from nearby Selma to Montgomery, residents are still fighting for equity. This Memorial Day weekend, SACE was in Uniontown for “Building Bridges for Justice,” a community workshop near the site of the infamous Arrowhead Landfill. The landfill holds 3.5 million cubic yards of toxic coal ash removed from the disastrous coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee.
- See more at: Uniontown, AL: Community with civil rights legacy demanding justice

This was Uploaded on Mar 2, 2011
A bill to allow the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to regulate coal ash in landfills passed the Commerce and Small Business Committee unanimously on March 2, 2011. Citizens from Perry County were there to press for coal ash to be regulated as hazardous material instead of solid waste.

I REALLY think we need to make a video like this one below ASAP !

There's an Ash Hole in my backyard!Uploaded on Jul 9, 2009 is an organization of concerned citizens working to raise awareness of environmental injustice. Minority communities around the USA are often targeted as "easy solutions" to toxic problems and are much more likely to live and/or work near factories, waste facilities and landfills. We think this is unfair we hope you do, too. 

Uniontown Alabama Landfill
Published on Dec 19, 2012
Testimony of some residents of Uniontown, Alabama that were impacted by a landfill project that reeks not only of household waste, but the shady dealings that turned the site into hundreds of acres of unregulated hazardous waste mountains brought from an EPA disaster area in Tennessee. It is and has destroyed the town and lives of these people. Beware, this company is projecting additional sites across the country and if unchecked, may affect you in the future.

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