Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My speech to DENR at the April 13th Public Coal Hearing

Below is the full speech I wrote for the DENR hearing , because was nervous I could not finish it in 3 minutes . I am going to work on a shorter version for Thursday night in Pittsboro but intend to send in to DENR also .

I you need info on writing in before May 16 please go here . Or ask and I'll send you info . Facebook notes or here  

My name is Terica Luxton, I have lived here in Sanford nearly 40 years.
 I have 2 sons and grandchildren that live extremely near Both of the proposed coal ash dumps for Lee and Chatham
They are between them on Lower Moncure Rd, by a few miles but As the crow and coal ash fly
They are right in the center of the traffic area of the trucks and Railroads that will carry that toxic waste to the megadumps.
They say pictures say a thousand words,
I wish I could have made a copy of these pictures big enough for the whole audience to see, but unlike Duke Energy and Charah Inc. my budget is limited.
I will be here all night and be glad to show them to anyone .
Or you can go to and find them too.

Picture 1 Came from Charah’s own website explaining this proposed site saying
Introduction … This is facility plan to reclaim the Colon Mine Site located in Lee County, NC with coal combustion products(CCP) structural fill. The mine, once complete, will be reclaimed by ENCAPSULATING CCPs in a lined containment in order to RE_ESTABLISH the mine contours to a USEFUL design.

Picture 2 shows a map of the proposed COAL ASH DUMP . They call it a reclamation but this is not! This is closer to a Land DESECRATION...
Desecration meaning: is the act of depriving something of its sacred character, or the disrespectful, contemptuous, or destructive treatment of that which is held to be sacred or holy by a group or individual.
“Our families, animals, land, water and air is our life!”
Should that not be considered IMPORTANT?

Picture 3: shows
71% of the land they want to put coal ash on has never been dug for clay! ….Or “mined as they call it”

Picture 4 from charah’s map  
There is a graveyard there with many family members of Mckinley Johnson , an African American World  war One soldier .
 One of those members was Dicey Johnson a historically brave lady . Who after being dragged from her house in front of her children and taking 50 lashes from the KKK, took them to court in Raleigh.  
We are fighting for their rights to REST IN PEACE, as they fought for our rights.
To live safely in our homes .To not be bullied into allowing HARM of any sort coming to our families and communities. Let us keep our right to be safe from this dump being put on our WATERSHED!

Picture 5
The Red is where 118 acres has been dug for clay there .
VERY little of that Red is in their 118 acres of SO CALLED RECLAMATION.
The yellow shows The areas they intend to make their Mega Dump .
Right beside the graves .

Please don’t let them risk our livelihood, many of us depend on water wells , the land to grow food , animals and of course the air to breath.
Others have businesses that will fail with the stigma of Lee County being a Coal Ash Mega Dump. Real Estate sales and Property values will go down.
Sadly history shows MONEY TALKS and peoples voices have a hard time being heard over the money being thrown around here
But Please consider the value of the people over the value of the dollar this time!

Don’t let them dump on our children’s future.
Thanks for listening .

Well that was it . 

here is some pics from the event ! 

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