Friday, March 20, 2015

Videos of Colon Brickyard in Sanford, REAL Look

I had the privilege of being with a few EnvironmentaLEE folks and other concerned citizens of Sanford and surrounding areas then we drove to Colon Rd to take some pictures of the homes of the people that live between 2 RR tracks that would be going back and forth dumping 8 million tons of COAL ASH  . All the google maps and others don't show what you will see here . This is Real homes and neighborhoods ! this is what environmental terrorism should be defined as .

Check out these Drone shots of the area they intend to Dump all that coal ash on . Wrapping it up like a burrito in a rubber liner that has a warranty of 5 years .
That will look like a more like a pyramid than reclamation as they are calling it . Nature has reclaimed this land . Charah Inc and Duke Energy needs to LEAVE IT ALONE !

part 1

part 2 has a very full pond there that is in many of the map shots being half that full . these were published in Dec.2014
part 3

4th and last of this series by Kevin Wetzel on youtube .

Last but not least by far this is what else is at the brickyard ... a gravesite ...

go to to learn more on the gravesite . here  there are 5 stories . start from the bottom of the page there to get the first of the story .

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  1. Would make a great park, riding trails, like San Lee Park not a toxic dumping ground.
    How many BOC live close by. Put it in their back yard. Better yet, why doesn't Duke Energy execs put it in their back yard, They made it now lie in it not Lee Co. 12 million $ is just a starting offer, how high will Duke go. Look at all the fines they are already having to pay. Of course this is all our, the customers, money. Check out Duke Energy's profits. BOC stand up for us, our children, their children, etc.. We want a future for them in Lee Co.

    Ann Harrington


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