Friday, February 6, 2015

NC MEC commissioner communicates threat, Police called

Remember that song song  "signs , signs everywhere signs " 

James Kermit Womack just loves to speak his mind !  In the past he has gotten much joy in intimidating folks ! most the time folks don't tell anyone how harassing he can be . He just does not know when to keep his mouth shut !
But sometimes it does make a blog or 2 and even the news ... It did this time !
Well here's the scoop
The Rant , broke the story first Feb 4th  , go here to see . Former commissioner, MEC chairman demands business remove anti coal ash sign  . There are many comments already there but this one from a Keith Clark , Jim has written many ugly things in the past about on Keith in his  ALIAS blog in the past .
click pic to make bigger 

Well today The Sanford Herald posted about it too!

In the article it said " Womack posted about the incident on his Facebook account," ...
Well I went to check it out this morning and it seems he had blocked ME from his profile , LOL . 

But he did not block everyone (smiling) here are some shots a fellow activist shared with me !
Click any of them to make bigger .

above it says "See More" this is what it said ...
Jim Womack.. Drew- the sign is advocating opposition to the perfectly legal, practical, and responsible relocation of coal ash away from the water supply source for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians to a much safer repository in our county- per the statutory demand of the North Carolina General Assembly. Duke Energy is required by law to move the ash to lined clay pits and this county has some of the best, most readily available and suitable sites in the state, easily serviced by rail. Duke Energy has been a remarkable business partner for the state and our county since taking over Progress Energy. Opposing their plans now is a slap in their face, and will result in building animosity with a company we must deal with for many decades to come. The mining site is already under binding contract and Duke has a very reputable contractor to perform the work. It's going to happen, regardless of the protests. The local activism only aggravates our relationship with Duke and its partners. I could go on for pages...

LOL Don't you know he could !
 BTW Kirk Smith is one of Lee County's sitting Commissioners !
We went to the Coffee shop after our "Walk against Coal Ash " Saturday and brought around 20 people to say "Thanks for supporting Our community from the Social and Environmental threat of a Coal ash Dump coming to Lee County !"

BTW , the BIG sign in the window below was from OUR activist 
the Little Anti-coal ash sign is "the sign Womack had his fit over!" 

We like our signs 

Thanks for dropping by ! 


  1. :D If Womack could arrange it he would have an oil drilling platform planted square in the middle of Lee County!!!!

    Lee County is looking for responsible leadership; Womack and people like him need no longer apply!!!!!!!!

    NO Fracking; NO Coal Ash; NO Pipeline; NO Offshore Drilling!!!

    1. Jim Womack has demonstrated that he does not have the self control, judgment or temperament to hold an elected or appointed position in Government at any level. His aggressive, abrasive and abusive attitude toward any who opposes his views just pisses people off.


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