Saturday, November 29, 2014

Using ConnectGIS mapping for Lee County NC

I've spent more time on this site than I care to admit. searching for split estates and leased to frack sites and deeds.
Now sadly I am looking at it in a whole new way ...Duke Energy has decided that they want to make a Coal ash Dump out of Sanford and Moncure,  too.
The mapping system for Lee County is really educational and fairly easy to use . As far as I know it the only one like it in NC.
give it a try ... click here 

 then click I accept this disclaimer  
example below 

Once the map comes up , look around ...on right is boxes you can check see if they plan to frack near you ...check the box ...Mineral rights /oil & gas leases

  it will turn purple in the map where this leased land is , like the next picture has .
John Riggs #8 frack estates 108 acres
K Holland 30 acre frack lease joins coal ash pond 

K Alexander 112 acres leased to frack joins coal ash dump

Here is an example: I typed in Cherokee Sanford Group (now this is owned by Charah .) 
the scribbly writing in blue is mine , I used the pen thingy on the snippet program, one day i'll find a pen/mouse . 
you can click these pictures for bigger pictures too. 

Click the + button to get closer shots ,too.

Now you can find things like these pics below . If you have windows7 use the snipping tool to take these kinds of shots.
from the red line down running across the bottom 2 tracts are part of the Coal ash Dump Site .It looks like a trailer-house there? 

map coal ash dump and Helms horse ranch
coal ash dump site in blue lines

map coal ash dump and Helms horse ranch and extra 12 at #1 on post office road .
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