Monday, October 13, 2014

A Week of Kirk the Name Caller

Wow what a week it has been , last week this time I was looking forward to getting back online with the Sanford Herald , seems I had 2 accounts registered and I kept getting kicked off . It was hair pulling  two weeks for me and the herald employees till it finally starting letting me in last Wednesday . Just in time to read the sarcastic apology our Commissioner wrote to in a LTE .
BTW click any picture for a bigger view . 

The Irony I got in long enough to write a quick comment with a promise of my own LTE which was actually published in the paper on Sunday and online today . ...
My LETTER-Name-calling-needs-to-stop
also posted here in full at my facebook page

His LTE got 13 out raged comments and other Letters to the editor too about him . Does that slow him down with the name calling ? Nope

Oct 8th on Kirk's FB Profile His fans are cheering him on.  

From the comments to his letter online .

Today 10/13 /2014 

in the picture above notice his statement said more this shows the full statement . 

How much more are we to tolerate from these guys ? 

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