Sunday, October 26, 2014

Video: Women Farmers Speak Out on Gas Drilling

 Great educational information on leases and more .  

Women Farmers Speak Out About Gas Drilling....

 Uploaded on Oct 24, 2011 In Deposit, NY, on 10-23-11, Carolyn Knapp and Carol French of Bradford Co., Pa., share important info on the pitfalls of gas leases, gas extraction in their county to an audience in NY.. Pro-Gas Landowners heckle the speakers .

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things we Will see if Fracking comes to NC

If you live in south/east Lee County on most days you can hear what sounds like thunder ... If you dare ask "what it is that Noise?"  on a local facebook page you will quickly see answers like ...
 "Fort Bragg doing Exercises." Some call it "the sound of freedom" ... 
I call it 'noisy explosions and air pollution .'
  If you live in Harnett Co your windows will shake along with your whole house sometimes ... Folks don't use well water there anymore either ...???

I remind you of this as I listen to it starting at 8 this morning ,thinking of what is to come ...
These video shows what Many of us will be hearing and seeing too soon if fracking comes to North Carolina.

First Seismic testing 

Other noise and air polluters we can look to come... 

 Truck traffic, roads shredded, neighborhoods being shock to pieces, property value dropping in front of your eyes !

There is so much more ...


Is this the future We Want ?
Doesn't the next generation deserve better ?

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Week of Kirk the Name Caller

Wow what a week it has been , last week this time I was looking forward to getting back online with the Sanford Herald , seems I had 2 accounts registered and I kept getting kicked off . It was hair pulling  two weeks for me and the herald employees till it finally starting letting me in last Wednesday . Just in time to read the sarcastic apology our Commissioner wrote to in a LTE .
BTW click any picture for a bigger view . 

The Irony I got in long enough to write a quick comment with a promise of my own LTE which was actually published in the paper on Sunday and online today . ...
My LETTER-Name-calling-needs-to-stop
also posted here in full at my facebook page

His LTE got 13 out raged comments and other Letters to the editor too about him . Does that slow him down with the name calling ? Nope

Oct 8th on Kirk's FB Profile His fans are cheering him on.  

From the comments to his letter online .

Today 10/13 /2014 

in the picture above notice his statement said more this shows the full statement . 

How much more are we to tolerate from these guys ?