Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well casings fail in Fracking process

I was sent this article by a Profracker at our facebook page . 
We have them coming more often now . I have been told that is a good sign that the word is getting out there how really terrible fracking can be and the GOP G&O fans are working hard to debunk us . Of course most will go away after elections . Most don't even live in a shale area either ! 

Duke scientists: Faulty wells, not fracking, contaminated drinking water in Texas, Pennsylvania

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From the article ....The study blames the water contamination on leaky well shafts near the earth’s surface, not on the process of hydraulic fracturing itself, which takes place thousands of feet underground.

Vikram Rao, chairman of the state’s Mining and Energy 

Commission, said this latest research is a reminder of 


it’s crucial that North Carolina have the tools in place to 

properly regulate shale gas exploration.
“This is exactly why we need good rules, and good 

adherence to the rules,” he said. 

Speaking as an individual and not as chairman of the 

Mining and Energy Commission, Rao, a former 

Halliburton chief technology officer, said much of the 

industry has long known that if water contamination was 

found it was the result of poor cement jobs.

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Cementing is an essential aspect of drilling. Energy companies thread steel pipes into bored holes and squeeze cement around the pipes. The cement prevents gas or fluids from moving between the pipe and the exposed rock. A poorly cemented well can create a path for contaminants to migrate upward and leech into shallow porous rocks that hold drinking water. - 

Regulators have NOT addressed the problem with any realism. The argument that regulation can lead to "safe fracking" is senseless. To frack a well, you have to cement it, and cement inevitably fails. "Safe fracking" is a contradiction in terms.
Leaking oil and gas wells are more than statistics. Failure rates mean thousands across the nation have enough contaminants in their water and land to render them unfit for residential or agricultural use. They're left with homes they are forced to abandon, and compromised health.

Therese Vick said it best ...Whether its drilling, 

spilling, well casings, pits leaking- if gas 

development wasn't happening, the groundwater 

would not be impacted. 

Industry repeatedly obfuscates by talking about

 one stage of the whole process, when they well 

know that the public interprets "fracking" as all

 the activities on a well pad.

Here is more Facts... 
the NC Government promised the best rules on fracking ! They just did not say they were for us ! 
MEC rules are Not GOOD for North Carolinians but for the drilling companies ! 

Stats show that cement casing do fail often . Check out this chart and remember this is per 100 wells fracked. 

It is a bad well casing technique, not a "Bad fracking technique". 
They CAN NOT do fracking without the casings right ??

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