Sunday, September 14, 2014

There is NO Scripture about guns.

A bunch of us local grassroots Fracktivist planned to go to the BOC meeting Sept 8th . We planned on sitting in just to see what happened on what is Normally pretty boring as I am told . Not this time , Concealed Guns were the topic so it was a packed house . 
Topic : 
Resolution (first reading) to Amend Section 2-31 of the Lee County Code of Ordinances Concerning Concealed Handguns on County Property, and a revised Concealed Carry –Employee Personnel Policy. 

​This is a link to the whole meeting if you care to download it . It took me about 15 minutes to download . It is really weird how it seems Jim and Kirk have a volume control button on some of this audio ? I was clear across the room and picked up Commissioners Amy Dalrymple and Ricky Frazier  , yet my audio is better ?
Full agenda here 
​ ​

The first few minutes made me want to gag ... They had a little "that a boy certificate" for Kirk praising him for BLAH BLAH BLAH.. . Then Jim gets one for Fracking , Yep you read it right ! Then it was on pros and cons for guns ....
37 minutes in Kirk attacks a  30 year social worker for her comments about guns in the workplace not being wanted  , a couple minutes later Jim comes in ranting at her about 'Only bringing up guns as a concealed weapon' . "What about Knives?" he says only to be cut off and corrected by the Co attorney that is Is only about guns !
Proving He did not even know the True wording of the resolution he and Kirk are pushing was for guns only  . 

Then 1hr and 20 minutes in ,Kirk comes back to attack the same County employee as before but with more disgust this time  to the point Commissioner Robert Frazier said he was out of order  . 
He went on ranting about it even after told not to. 
Then moments later Kirk used scripture to back his reason to carry a gun at work ! Luke 22:36 .

Anyone who quotes scripture to further his position about guns (or any other political topic) is not "using" Scripture as it was intended. 
The Bible can be used to reshape one's life. It should not be used to try to win hot-issue arguments. That shows little respect for the Scripture you say you believe , IMHO.

I have to admit my video is shaky But it shows their faces and reactions better and it also can be heard better in most of mine . 
Here are some pieces of mine . I could not sit there and hold it still for all of it. 

 Not sure why it shows so shaky but you can hear it ! 
This one really cracked me up !  Not the part of Jim picking on this County Employee of 30 years  , but the fact that 'Mr Know IT ALL' , did not know what He was talking about .
Yet he still continues to drill this lady . about 4 mins in on this one Kirk dangles a sign around ... this dude is weird , watch his face and eyes . 

Other topic : Environmental 
Last minute Resolution request brought in by Kirk ...  Approved request for the Chairman to send a letter to the Association in reference to a Resolution supporting "the repeal of NC Senate Bill 3." You can see my video here at Facebook without a facebook account.

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  1. The *big boy* certificates were truly a gag moment at the meeting! SMH!


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