Monday, September 15, 2014

Tea-party tried & failed to out rally Fracktivist at MEC Hearing

When are they going to learn ? You can't fight the passion of the people who are Really going to have to live with the shale drilling . 
In Sanford : Which almost did not happen after Womack's fear mongering ,see more about that here and read-the-dead-of-night-jim-womack-e-mail-everybodys-talking-about/ 

They came Bussed in , promised to be fed and free propaganda for all . NO experience necessary.
 Rumor was many came from a retirement home ... ? 

I wish I would have asked them questions but they did not seem to want to be approached by anyone but Jim Womack . 
LOL , Ed Harris in the big white hat , is from here in Lee Co. He did not give them a break ! He got in the front of the line to sign up to speak before they rushed in and he made Sure they got an ear full or 2 on why He is fighting Forced pooling Fracking ! 
I guess they had a curfew because they all left about 7ish  ...

Tea Party Organizer Lanelle Alsip of Surry County was at the Hearing at Sanford and was quoted by the Sanford Herald ... Fracking-hearing-draws-a-crowd  

Lanelle is the one with the Coke in her hand . I love the way our FRACKFREENC signs stood out on this picture ! 
She said the people who were against fracking were only against it because they were afraid of something new.She said fracking is necessary because everyone needs energy in their daily lives.
You can go here and see how they prepared for their MEC hearings , this time . The young girl in this pic wrote about it in a blog .  

Well it seems Lanelle seems to be into these events ...She was bussed into Raliegh on Weds and now here tonight. Plus she came in 2012 ! she organized the last bus of SHALE YES folks to Sanford in 2012 ...
 and I bet she helped with this Friday's event too .

Now let's jump ahead to Sept 12 , 
What won't the API do to promote their shale drilling ?
Obviously they don't screen their promoters .


  1. Hope Lanelle didn't forget her mascara!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Terica, You have done such a good job of exposing so much 'crap' that has been happening with the push to frack. We will continue to fight them. We have the power and knowledge. They have money and those they pay to get what they want. Even sometimes that money does not buy much. Keep it up! The N&O needs to be following your blog. Maybe then they will have more to report!

  3. Thanks for stopping by , I am just hoping we can make folks see the truth before it is too late .

  4. I hope some newspapers write about G&O busing the homeless men into the western public MEC hearing, to get a free shale yes t- shirt LOL

    1. Looks like WRAL picked it up and I found it here


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