Monday, September 29, 2014

Part 2 Curt Kirk and his Marxist name calling

I thought I'd seen enough of Kirk's name calling just writing this blog yesterday ...
THEN ...After reading in the Sanford Herald the last 'Thumbs Down' about Kirk's name calling, seeming to be all part of the political play-game . Really just another slap on the wrist ? okay it pissed me off .

HMM ,  I wondered just how long Kirk has been on this Marxist kick ? 
Wow , This man loves to rant and call names . 
Turns out he has even called our President a Marxist ! 
I did a search using these words only ... 
"Kirk D. Smith" marxist 
 Found much more than I could stomach to read .
The places he reads are definitely Not places I am Normally reading from ! So I took snips to share with you so you don't have to go there ...
Here is proof the man is really  ________ , you fill in the blank ?
Obsessed comes to my mind .
 A comment at the last blog said "Kirk needed to get back on his meds" 
Click any of the pics to make bigger . 

Well that was about as much as I could stand . Are you ready to vote BLUE ? 
Please go Vote ... 


  1. A little bit obsessed there, Kirk????

  2. Kirk Smith's argument re: the Migratory Bird Act, etc. & clean energy alternatives doesn't hold your homework before you start ranting about solar & wind energy in the same breath with migratory birds!


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