Sunday, September 28, 2014

BOC Curt Kirk discourteous attacks advance

Curt: definition, rudely brief in speech or abrupt in manner.
 Well Kirk used to be brief ...
Kirk D Smith is ranting and raving like a mad man . I thought Jim Womack was something, the way he'd argue with us & belittle us in the papers about topics even using alias names to do so. I have done many blogs on him as well...
But Kirk takes the prize for GOING TOO FAR , He has gone way too far and has lots of us wondering 'How far will he be Allowed to go ? '

    I posted about the attacks of our commissioners Kirk and Jim went on toward a '30 year county employee' that dared say "she felt there had not been or is now a need for concealed guns in the Social Service Dept." at the Sept 8th , BOC meeting .
The initials BOC is starting to look like it stands for "Bullies Ordering Commands" 

Jim proved he did not even understand the law/resolution  they were trying to enforce while aggressively cross examining her . He asked her "why do you only mention guns ? Why not knives?" When the actual Resolution was about concealed guns only ! When Jim is corrected... he only flinches and starts a new attack !
Then Kirk even tried to use scripture to back this gun law ??  there-is-no-scripture-about-guns.html

I had gone to that BOC meeting to address Kirk's recent of many ranting LTE (letters to the editor)   /LETTER-How-is-it-that-Water-Equals-Life?  September 5th ,where he ended his rant with ...'I guess the earth-worshiping, tree-hugging, Eco-Marxists by their actions denying our energy independence would rather have “blood for water.” So how is that “Water equals Life?” '
Kirk D. Smith
After watching the drama of the Gun issue , I decided Not to confront Kirk at this meeting with the copy of his LTE from the paper along with a printout of another Rude insult on his facebook profile and also a 3 page copy of the 'BOC ethics rules' ! 

Many people , as I replied with comments online to his LTE . Some wrote a LTE too responding to him which he does not even acknowledge he reads ... other than Writing another Ranting LTE ?

Last night I decided to look around again to see what new Rants he has posted ??? I am posting just some here and
So I ask you , "HOW FAR should he be ALLOWED to go ? "

  Sept 27th ... He was on a roll..of insults ....

 Kirk does Not just have hateful remarks about people that are fighting for the environment
here are some other topics he has dwelled on lately ...  
from the Rant 

Again I ask you , "HOW FAR should he be ALLOWED to go ? " 

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  1. Kirk Smith....get back on your meds, please!


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