Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Many faces of Jim Womack

The people think I care this much about their comments ....

I really Care this Much 

As promised in the last blog richard-hayes-on-fracking.html  , this blog is dedicated to exposing 'James Kermit Womack ',  MEC chairman /  Lee Co Commissioner / ProFrack 
C0-Leader of http://americascounties.org/index.php/about-us/leadership/jim-womack . I know I am missing Many of his co-titles like 
Bully / TeaPartier / etc ... but this gives you an example .

When I went to the Sanford Herald to look around for old Letter to the Editors on fracking ...
I found Mr. Hayes LTE with a comment from an alias of Jim's , James Madison . Reading it really brought back the reason I started taking screen shots .

At the LTE from Mr. Hayes , Jim / James Madison wrote this . Then agreed with himself! As you can see Deborah and I did not !

James Madison has popped up a few other times too..

James Madison on Fracking

James putting his opinion on City matters 

Jim is So into himself he follows his alias !

I have written many blogs in the last 2 1/2 years on James K Womack and the some of the other MEC . I have never cared for bullies and JW is well known for trying to do just that ...
Bully and belittle anyone that disagrees with him.
As I said in a blog a long time ago when it comes to folks like Jim ..
Insults stir me , but I use research to attack my offenders. Not Ad hominem attacks like Womack !

Ad hominem attacks can take the form of overtly attacking somebody, or more subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes as a way to discredit their argument.
You can put his name in the search box and see that he has became a busy topic here . A few that stick out are ...







Here are a few other things I thought I'd share about our NC chairman of MEC and Lee County Commissioner . 
Jim's Blog

On his twitter account He did claim the ALIAS blog listed below He took it off after this screenshot was done ? lol , he does still have it on his facebook about page .
Jim's ALIAS James Madison Blog  His alias blog where it is said He is James Madison there and he Does claim the blog ,but will not give us a definite ID ?
 He had much more there at the blog till Billy Ball at the INDYweekly wrote an article on him , it was called , "What rhymes with Frack? Jim Womack "  

LOL , Billy got screenshots too ! 
Billy also wrote a second post on JW , 3 pages long ! fracking-chief-jim-womack-attacks-his-enemies-from-the-foxhole-of-his-anonymous-blog/Content?oid=3320213 

There is also a Twitter account that really sounds like Jim but no one has proved it is him .


Yes I will say I totally distrust and Dislike JW , I don't say this lightly as he has earned my Disrespect ! 
I am not the only one that is fed up with this man either .
Many GOP people told me that he was asked  Not to run for commissioner again because of all the bullying he has done here locally ! 

Billy Liggett , has spent a great deal on exposing Jim for what he is too. check out his list of blogs here on JW. 

Well after spending hours putting this together for you on my birthday yesterday and today , I am getting disgusted , I think I will go out and enjoy nature and it's beauty .

I hope you will see why we Have to keep fighting for our rights in NC . Jim is just one of the crooks trying to control our rights and give them to the highest bidders! 
 I hope you will make my wish come true and sign my petition against forced pooling in NC. 
IF WE Ban Forced Pooling in NC ,the G&O companies say NC is not profitable to frack . 
I asked JW " How can we get our landowner's rights Back since through forced/compulsory pooling Our Government is giving Our rights to the G&O companies?" He said , "make the legislators change the law !" 
So let's do it!
Please sign my petition .

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