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Conservatives naming the NC Energy Modernization Act ?

I am old school in many ways . I still believe you should know the real definition for a word you use .
 Especially if you are using it to label yourself , someone else or something . 
As a person considering to educate themselves to vote today, it could be hard reading the written definitions of parties and pick the one they believe suits them ...
Example ... a word used to politically label the Republicans that confused me when I read the definition versus their actions ... Conservative ? The definition sounds Nothing like their actions lately ! Which is to try to 'Change' as much of NC as they can   ... 
  Conservatives believe that the implementation of change should be minimal and gradual; they appreciate history and are more realistic than idealistic. 
Conservative Definition : not liking or accepting changes or new ideas
 a :  an adherent or advocate of political conservatism

b capitalized :  a member or supporter of a conservative political party
a :  one who adheres to traditional methods or views
b :  a cautious or discreet person
I highlighted some of the definitions used above because of the 'contradiction' of their actions lately .  
What brought me to writing this was This name NC 'Energy Modernization Act'  picked for this bill, 
Bob Rucho;  E. S. (Buck) Newton;  Andrew C. Brock;  (Primary) David L. Curtis;  Jim Davis;  Rick Gunn;  Brent Jackson;  Joyce Krawiec;  Trudy Wade; 
considering most of them are a Koch-funded tea party group member as well, which Say they are for.. Personal & Economic Freedom , and a Debt Free Future ?

So this name kind of through me for a loop the 1st time I saw it .... Energy Modernization Act !
We all know the definition for Energy .

But I decided to look at the definition of Modernization... from
Transformation of a society from a rural and agrarian condition to a secular, urban, and industrial one. It is closely linked with industrialization. As societies modernize, the individual becomes increasingly important, gradually replacing the family, community, or occupational group as the basic unit of society. Division of labour, characteristic of industrialization, is also applied to institutions, which become more highly specialized. Instead of being governed by tradition or custom, society comes to be governed according to abstract principles formulated for that purpose. Traditional religious beliefs often decline in importance, and distinctive cultural traits are often lost.

So do you see my confusion ? How can they represent the people of NC , when they can't even represent the party they label themselves with ? 

How can you want to take away the 'freedom' of a landowner to decide what can safely be done to their Own land by using laws like "compulsory pooling" ? 

now for the rest of the story ... 
Jim tried hard to cancel the hearing in Sanford to the point of writing a letter to his coworkers that morning at 2AMish to whine about it . More here a=on that
He waited till the SHALE YEs bus pulled into Sanford finally almost 4 p.m., Womack made the call to move forward with the hearing and began letting people into the auditorium, saying he did not see an imminent threat to public safety.
"We aren't going to delay the hearing any longer," he said as people prepared to file into the civic center. "But the meeting will be adjourned immediately if things get out of hand.
Straight off the bus Tea Party Organizer Lanelle Alsip of Surry County was at the Sanford MEC Hearing and was quoted by the Sanford Herald ... Fracking-hearing-draws-a-crowd  
She said the people who were against fracking were only against it because they were afraid of something new.
She said fracking is necessary because everyone needs energy in their daily lives.
“One thing is important: You cannot feed yourself. You cannot feed your family. You cannot pay your taxes. You cannot go to work without some oil, petroleum process,” she said.

Well it seems Lanelle seems to be SCARED of a lot of things too. 

she organized the last bus of SHALE YES folks in 2012 ...
 and I bet she helped with The 2014 MEC HEARING in Sanford  too . 
Recognize this bus on the banner of the NC tea-party ...

 it happens to look like the bus that dropped a bunch of tea party Shale yes folks off in Sanford  again in 2014 ....

Jim sure was glad they bussed in to support him .
But they did not make a dent in the room with all the true Anti-frack people that showed up and spoke about the sorry rules that are in place and many told Jim just what they thought of him too. 
WRAL was great to record the whole thing here .

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