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Sen Rabin Promotes Fracking in letter

I am continually being told write your leaders and lawmakers . I have to say it seems a BIG waste of time when their answers if any don't have a damn thing to do with my letter ? 
Here is the letter I sent to Rep. Faircloth of Guildford Co and Senator Rabin for Lee Co. about an very good interview with Faircloth and Jackson Ross a landowner in Guilford county .

My name is Terica Luxton and I am a landowner in Lee County NC . I have been studying daily for nearly 3 years to learn more about fracking and it's safety and lack of ? I am not a woman of fancy words , I am a concerned mother and grandmother asking you to find time to do more research of your own. 
I just listened to the interview with Jackson Ross and you Rep. Faircloth . You said in the interview You were willing to listen to people about this , so I am writing to you and adding Sen. Ron Rabin for county of Lee county which He also voted for fracking to be fast tracked before the rules have been made. 
Here is the link to the interview .

​, you ​
 ​ ​over
ver … there is NO way they will frack if it cant be done safe ?
  Can we count on that ?
​I think not ! 
​You all have
 already g
 the okay to frack 
​NC ​

25 minutes in
​You go
  as far as saying ” There is No way we are going to let people come in here and Rape our Land !”
Rape , as an activist I do not even use such a Strong and offensive word as ​rape . Rape is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable
 ​ ​
mostly done by men . 
​Even though they tend to use that word now of Spoiled , Defiled ,Destroyed Land , because it should be a 
​! ​W
e as landowners/people can not ​
​stop this violation from happening to us from a Corporation.  Because of You and our government have given Our Landowners rights to say no to this violation through forced pooling laws to the gas and oil companies  !

28 minutes in Mr Faircloth ,
​You ​
 use Lee county as an example …
saying ‘Let’s say I’m a landowner of Lee county having a 100 acre tobacco farm
​ and​
 I can’t grow on
​ it​
 anymore & i want to let them do this …

 Faircloth , I say to You as a Lee County resident and landowner , I should have the Right to say No to fracking 

31:30 in Forced Pooling is discussed …
​Mr. ​
 Faircloth brings up migration of gas as a reason they should allow it ? That is so wrong !
WE in NC have TIGHT GAS ! What is tight gas?
While shale gas is trapped in rock, tight gas describes natural gas that is dispersed within low-porosity silt or sand areas that create a tight-fitting environment for the gas. How tight? Tight gas is defined (in the U.S.) as having less than 10 percent porosity and less than 0.1 millidarcy permeability.
Porosity is the proportion of void space to the total volume of rock. For example, fresh beach sand has around 50 percent porosity. Tight gas is held in pores up to 20,000 times narrower than a human hair. this video gives a good comparison
​of tight gas verses migration gas ​
​you ​
Mr Faircloth and all the others to learn from .

​I do not believe fracking can truly be done safely , I have not seen proof of that in any state fracking ​has visited . To possibly risk the
  future generation's water and the environment, 
 ​for a few to get rich , I do not think it is worth the risk . 

I ask you to stand up for the landowners of NC ​and ask for ban on forced / compulsory pooling . Let us have the right to decide if we want to jeopardize our land . 

Thank You for reading this and I look forward to a response from you both .

Respectfully , Terica Luxton , Lee County NC 

Ron Rabin had Sheri Hood send me this reply ... NOTHING to do with forced pooling. Only gossip about NC Enviromental Partnership and other advertisement for fracking NC. 
I am highlighting certain things that Really  made me a little Peaced off . .
there is a snapshot of his original reply to prove what he said. 

Ms. Luxton,
Thank you for reaching out to our office. Senator Rabin asked that I send the below message to you.


It is my responsibility as a public servant to keep you informed on issues important to our District and State. An entity known as the North Carolina Environmental Partnership, which is said to be receiving funds from sources in California, possibly one with ties to the People’s Republic of China, has been flooding local TV markets with disinformation about the way in which the North Carolina General Assembly is preparing legislation to control the exploration of our energy resources. I believe I am obligated by the trust you have placed in me to give you the other side of the energy issue, a positive side that leads to energy independence, so that you can decide what is best for you and your family.
In my opinion, despite North Carolina’s recent surge in reduced unemployment to below the national average, jobs and the economy remain our number one issue. Safely exploring our energy resources while protecting our environment is closely linked to economic growth and job creation.  Senate Bill 786 (Energy Modernization Act, Session Law 2014-4) was passed by a bi-partisan vote in both the House and the Senate.  In other words, the majority of the NCGA representing the majority of the people of North Carolina, Democrat and Republican alike, favor continuing to explore the potential of our natural gas and other energy resources. So, let’s look at a few facts:
The use of natural gas exploration technology to extract clean-burning natural gas from shale is a U.S. technology that has been developing for about 50 years. Over one-million wells have been drilled from Texas to Louisiana to Pennsylvania to Ohio to N. Dakota (none of which have suffered the depression and unemployment problems we have). The North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) have researched the lessons learned during those 50 years and made them the basis for the initial 120 MEC rules to ensure that our energy exploration is done safely.  These rules can be found on the MEC website and they cover virtually every aspect of the mining operation, to include; remediation, protecting air and water quality, bonding of oil and gas companies to ensure they are responsible should an incident occur and wear and tear on the infrastructure.
For over four years, the NCGA and the MEC have been working on ways to exploit the economic potential of our energy resources in ways safe for our people, environment and water supply.  The best practices of other states and the industry have been incorporated into this work. Four years, over 50 years of baseline knowledge, and one-million wells are not a “fast track”. There have not been any attempts to accelerate the process of rulemaking or issuing drilling permits. 
The current bill requires a full disclosure of all industrial processes used in extracting natural gas from shale –including chemicals used. There is no way that any prudent person would want to do away with the patent codes of the U.S.  It protects the creative and entrepreneurial citizens who drive the development of the innovative technologies that so enhance our quality of life. Under this bill, chemicals will be disclosed (as they are now) but exact formulas will remain patented trade secrets. The public will be kept well informed of the chemicals being used in NC through the “FracFocus” website. However, DENR and the MEC (both of which work for you) will hold the formulas for use in cases of emergency. In addition, improving technology has seen one company produce a “green” fluid for use in the mining process. No substances banned by the EPA or OSHA will be allowed to be used in the state.
In conclusion, current milestones, including drilling permit issuance beginning in the Spring of 2015, will likely stay in place. The same is true for the 120 rules except that I believe more will be added to further increase safety margins. Some of the current bill will undoubtedly be revised in the next long session as we continue to improve SB 729.
Hopefully, this letter will help you see this issue with more clarity.  If you have any questions, please contact me ASAP.

Sheri Hood
Legislative Aide to
Senator Ronald Rabin

300 N. Salisbury Street
Room 526, LOB
Raleigh, NC 27603
Office: (919) 733-5748 

Okay should I reply back and say you did not answer my letter or just except he does not give a crap about my FRICTION ? 
next chance to talk to him coming the 24th ....

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  1. there's a very good letter in the opinion section of the Pilot now, may want to check it out, it's titled ; " Fracking in Moore County: A Matter of Time" by a Mr. Paul Dunn.
    Can't find how to comment on it but will try and contact the writer to let him know about the up coming public hearings.
    Quit trying to comment at the Sanford Herald any longer, seems they are considering " anti-frack" posts as spam now, so much for freedom of speech.


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