Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Fracking Sand / Frac Sand

Can unaware truckers be dangerous ? To themselves and others ! Yes not knowing what you are hauling can be life threatening in a road accident !

Let me say first I grew up with lots of truckers in my family . My birth place was Indiana and I had uncles and cousins still driving up there . I worry for truckers safety as well as the folks they are on the road with them .

My mother and dad even drove for a while as a team all over the US from Texas

My 1st clue that this was Not a person who worked for a 'Fracking operation' is because he titled this using 'fracking sand' instead of Frac sand . The G&O promoters tend to not add the K...

1st they show a map of 'How far this stuff travels ...from TX to Denver , Colorado ( that's 45,000 lbs of it .)

But when I got about a 1:30 or so in ... I was shocked ! He describes what He thinks Frac Sand is ?

OMG , then an added voice -over -segment is telling about another type of Frac sand mixture I had not heard of yet ???

guar gum made from the Guar Bean grown in India and other places ...?

this link explains it well

About 11 minutes in it shows the sand mix in bags being unloaded .

Halliburton has tried many substitutes for the beans though , check out this article to learn more .

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