Monday, May 12, 2014

Eastern Bluebirds need our help

For years I have enjoyed seeing these fabulous birds . Their song can grab my attention at anytime and lure me to see what they are up to.
Last year we had a beautiful couple who had 4 babies in a box right outside our front door. The male would come visit me nearly every morning while collecting food for the young . Yes I say visit because he would actually come knocking at my front door window and sing me a song . If I ignored him there he would come to the living room window .

check out this tail !
At the living room window

Here is the box they were staying in .

The morning came that we heard our bluebirds Screaming not singing !
Last year  I wrote a panicking comment  to
asking for help /advice on what to do ? Or maybe what Not to do ?
Help , my bluebirds' babies are not flying yet ... a snake got in the nest this AM , Mom and Dad (my buddy in the pic) had gotten the babies out first time jumping around on ground to the bushes , we got the snake out but could not kill it... either ??? Then dumb me trying to help put babies back .... snake tries again then I chase him away mom and dad back take babies to field ???
can I move the box to them ???
Is there a herb to spray to keep a black snake away ??? I wrapped steel wire around the pole but mom and dad don't know it :(

a baby bluebird

A Black snake

He tried to get the babies ! Mom & Dad came to the rescue fighting him off till the babies got out of the box!


When we realized what was happening we kept a close eye on the babies as the parents did too !

Now a year later we got a Big surprise this morning !
This little fellow came to get us

He was talking to us wanting our attention ! Then we heard his parents screaming !
He came for help!

 We checked the box it was empty ...

after looking around near the garden where the box is ...I found him !

A black snake ... babies are hiding and the snake got chased away with a water hose !

Had to take some pictures too .

Well I walked around a little later and found Momma , I think she was feeling okay !



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