Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Fracking Sand / Frac Sand

Can unaware truckers be dangerous ? To themselves and others ! Yes not knowing what you are hauling can be life threatening in a road accident !

Let me say first I grew up with lots of truckers in my family . My birth place was Indiana and I had uncles and cousins still driving up there . I worry for truckers safety as well as the folks they are on the road with them .

My mother and dad even drove for a while as a team all over the US from Texas

My 1st clue that this was Not a person who worked for a 'Fracking operation' is because he titled this using 'fracking sand' instead of Frac sand . The G&O promoters tend to not add the K...

1st they show a map of 'How far this stuff travels ...from TX to Denver , Colorado ( that's 45,000 lbs of it .)

But when I got about a 1:30 or so in ... I was shocked ! He describes what He thinks Frac Sand is ?

OMG , then an added voice -over -segment is telling about another type of Frac sand mixture I had not heard of yet ???

guar gum made from the Guar Bean grown in India and other places ...?

this link explains it well

About 11 minutes in it shows the sand mix in bags being unloaded .

Halliburton has tried many substitutes for the beans though , check out this article to learn more .

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NC SB786 short version factsheets


S786 ignores the most important risks fracking poses to North Carolina
As approved by Senate Commerce and Finance, S786, Energy Modernization Act, breaks the promise

made by the General Assembly in 2012: that the legislature would review the finished package of

rules before voting whether to allow issuance of fracking permits in North Carolina. Instead, the bill

authorizes issuance of permits starting July 2015 [§3].
S786 does not address the risks that matter most
Fracking threatens public health, communities, and the environment. Yet, S786 does NOT address:
Compulsory pooling. The bill punts on the question of whether North Carolina should allow

drillers to extract gas from unwilling landowners [§25]. It should explicitly prohibit this.
Wastewater disposal. There is no safe way to dispose of the millions of gallons of contaminated

fracking wastewater. The bill does not prohibit surface discharge or require new standards.
Air emissions. SL2012-143(S820) instructed state regulators to develop rules to control air toxic

emissions from fracking. They haven’t. This has been a major problem in other states.
Long term contamination. Nothing in state law, the bill, or proposed state rules provides a

remedy for people whose health or property are destroyed by long-term contamination that

comes to light well after a drilling operation has finished.
Oversight of gathering lines. The lines that move gas from wells to processing facilities are

poorly regulated, and their construction may threaten property rights. The bill punts on this

issue, requesting further study without putting in place protections for landowners or the

environment [§26].

Other missing safeguards include: presumptive liability for damage to private property from seismic

testing [§15 leaves the burden on the injured landowner]; requirements for state regulators to be onsite

during the critical phases of gas well development; any requirement for a water withdrawal permit;

authority for state regulators to levy bonds adequate to pay for well closure; and certification criteria for

gas well contractors and cementers [§16 exempts oil and gas contractors from the current certification

for water well contractors, but does not place them under another authority].
S786 weakens several key protections while adding a few others
These provisions are nominally positive:
Trade secrets. S786 requires the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR)

to keep ‘trade secret’ information (such as: what is in fracking fluid) so it will be available to

emergency responders [§8]. However, the provision establishes a harsh penalty for mistaken

release of the information, doesn’t require that it be held long term, and allows too much

information about local geology to be kept secret. Finally, citizens of North Carolina would like

to know the complete list of chemicals contained in fracking fluid used in their neighborhoods,

and the bill does not go that far.
Bad actor screen. S786 tells DENR to examine the compliance history of fracking permit

applicants, and allows the agency to deny a permit on that basis [§15].
Prohibition on injection of fracking wastewater. S786 reiterates a prohibition already in state

law on the injection of fracking wastewater into the ground [§15].

These provisions take a step backwards:
Weakened protection for groundwater wells. S786 slashes the zone in which drillers are

presumed to be liable for drinking well contamination from 5,000 feet to 2,640 feet (1/2 mile), a

72% reduction in the protected area [§13].
Constraints on local governments. S786 places even tighter constraints on local efforts to

protect residents than the original legislation in 2012 [§14]. That includes assigning the MEC,

rather than a neutral state court, to decide when a local ordinance goes too far.
Exemptions from rulemaking. S786 overrides the normal rulemaking process, shortening the

time legislators will have to review the final package of fracking rules [§2]. As the MEC prepares

to propose more than 120 distinct rules, and continues to discover serious gaps in its proposed

framework, there is no good reason to shorten legislative review.
S786 promises a lot of pie in the sky
Finally, the bill wastes time and money on wishful thinking.

In addition to complicated and speculative severance tax provisions, the bill calls for studies of whether

to site a liquid natural gas export terminal on the coast [§22] and whether to launch a curriculum to

train drilling industry workers at Central Carolina Community College[§24]. Neither of these proposals

makes much economic sense, given the small scale of North Carolina’s resource.

The state has already spent significant resources in pursuit of fracking, with no jobs to show for it

(beyond state government staff hired to write the new rules). If the legislature had spent a fraction of

these resources renewable energy and efficiency, we would already be seeing the payoff in jobs and

income for North Carolinians. It is not too late to redirect future resources to policies and programs that

will actually offer a positive return to the state economy.
For more information, please contact:
Grady McCallie, NC Conservation Network, 919-857-4699 x101

Monday, May 12, 2014

Eastern Bluebirds need our help

For years I have enjoyed seeing these fabulous birds . Their song can grab my attention at anytime and lure me to see what they are up to.
Last year we had a beautiful couple who had 4 babies in a box right outside our front door. The male would come visit me nearly every morning while collecting food for the young . Yes I say visit because he would actually come knocking at my front door window and sing me a song . If I ignored him there he would come to the living room window .

check out this tail !
At the living room window

Here is the box they were staying in .

The morning came that we heard our bluebirds Screaming not singing !
Last year  I wrote a panicking comment  to
asking for help /advice on what to do ? Or maybe what Not to do ?
Help , my bluebirds' babies are not flying yet ... a snake got in the nest this AM , Mom and Dad (my buddy in the pic) had gotten the babies out first time jumping around on ground to the bushes , we got the snake out but could not kill it... either ??? Then dumb me trying to help put babies back .... snake tries again then I chase him away mom and dad back take babies to field ???
can I move the box to them ???
Is there a herb to spray to keep a black snake away ??? I wrapped steel wire around the pole but mom and dad don't know it :(

a baby bluebird

A Black snake

He tried to get the babies ! Mom & Dad came to the rescue fighting him off till the babies got out of the box!


When we realized what was happening we kept a close eye on the babies as the parents did too !

Now a year later we got a Big surprise this morning !
This little fellow came to get us

He was talking to us wanting our attention ! Then we heard his parents screaming !
He came for help!

 We checked the box it was empty ...

after looking around near the garden where the box is ...I found him !

A black snake ... babies are hiding and the snake got chased away with a water hose !

Had to take some pictures too .

Well I walked around a little later and found Momma , I think she was feeling okay !


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Anti-Fracking Protester Speaks About Civil Disobedience

Hope for our neighbors in NC

My dear friends and neighbors of NC . We have had an advantage many other states did not have before fracking was a possibility in their state !
 An opportunity to learn about it from others not so fortunate . Slowly people in NC are becoming aware !
We can prevent this destruction of our state environment and our health from happening IF we speak out !
Sadly it seems greed before need has been the loudest voices so far .
I have been working hard for over 2 years to educate myself and share any information I can find about fracking to everyone that will pay attention.

My hope for a safe place to live with clean air and water for my grandchildren and Yours to raise their children, gives me strength to go on when I tire from this fight . Which is often these days to tell the truth .
It is hard not to give in, to the lies told that say " It won't make a difference anyway!"

When I feel weak I remember "I am not in this struggle alone" and look toward others in this movement for ideas to keep going !  
So I search for these type of inspirational messages & often they are just what I was needing to keep my flame burning .
As it says so strongly in the video ...
One Voice by itself carries very little weight , but together as a community we can put our voices together and make a strong statement  !

The dictionary defines Hope as to want something to be true and to believe that it can be.”
 Despite so much evidence and sentiment to the contrary, on the climate crisis I remain radically hopeful. I am hopeful because the fundamentals of what we need to do—abandon fossil fuels, protect the planet’s forests, and organize our communities for resilience—are not mysteries nor are they impossible. I am hopeful because I see among the young a powerful, rising culture of environmental consciousness, creativity and action that far surpasses any generation before it. found this quote here

What do you do when the oil and gas industry forces its way into your community, threatening your health, your way of life, your future?Join together. Fight back.

My tribute to all the strong women that Inspire me ! 

To all the activist Men that have made this world worth living in !

Joe Hill , sang by Pete Seeger

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
alive as you and me.
Says I "But Joe, you're ten years dead"
"I never died" says he,
"I never died" says he.

"In Salt Lake, Joe," by god says I,
Him standing by my bed,
"They framed you on a murder charge,"
Says Joe, "But I ain't dead,"
Says Joe, "But I ain't dead."

"The Copper Bosses shot you Joe,
they killed you Joe" says I.
"Takes more than guns to kill a man"
Says Joe "I didn't die"
Says Joe "I didn't die"

Standing there as big as life
Smiling with his eyes.
Joe Says, "What they forgot to kill"
went on to organize,
went on to organize!"

Joe Hill ain't dead he says to me
Joe Hill ain't never died
Where working men go out on strike,
Joe Hill is at their side,
Joe Hill is at their side.

From San Diego up to Maine
In every Mine and Mill
Where working men go out on strike
Says he'll find Joe Hill
Says he'll Find Joe Hill

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,
alive as you and me.
Says I "But Joe, you're ten years dead"
"I never died" says he,
"I never died" says he.