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real estate agents and buyers beware of fracking

I am posting a letter a good friend and activist Keely Wood wrote to a whole lot of real estate agents here in NC . Sadly only one responded back and was rude .
So I thought I'd share it here too and maybe You could share it with those you know . There is really great info here.  
My 80 year old neighbor was preyed upon by a gas & oil landsman, and signed a fracking lease.
There is a good chance my horse farm will be forced pooled.
As real estate agents you need to educate yourselves on the very huge problem that will affect 11 counties if fracking is approved.
Last July, Nationwide Insurance spelled out specifically that it would not provide coverage for damage related to fracking. Risks involved with hydraulic fracturing are now prohibited for General Liability, Commercial Auto, Motor Truck Cargo, Auto Physical Damage.
State Employees’ Credit Union in North Carolina and the NC Housing Finance Agency officially have decided it will no longer approve mortgage financing for properties where the drilling rights have been sold off to someone else. The credit union, which manages almost $12 billion in residential mortgages, said it considers loans on such land to be riskier than those where the mineral rights remain with the land.
Federal lending and mortgage institutions (FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) all have prohibitions against lending on properties where drilling is taking place or where hazardous materials are stored. A drilling lease on a property financed through one of these agencies would result in a ”technical default.” FHA’s guidelines also don’t allow it to finance mortgages where homes are within 300 feet of an active or planned drilling site. Also see
 Forbes Magazine’s article:
Your livelihood will be affected, and you should be concerned.
Step up and get involved.
Keely Wood


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Duke Energy Coal Ash Dumping in Moncure ?

I am so very thankful for the Waterkeepers Alliance , and the many people who care to find out what is really going on around our state's rivers .
I am sure you all have heard about the 3rd largest coal "spill" in the country by Duke Energy into the Dan River , right ?
Well what about right here in Moncure NC ?  Well it was not a "spill" it was Intentional Dumping in the Cape Fear River aka our Community water source !
I just sent the letter below to several Lee Co officials , our local paper and I am going to continue till I get some answers . Please help me spread the word too.

Hello, I live in Sanford , I am a tax paying voter and have been keeping up with the environmental issues here in NC for several years. I  have chosen to write to you in hope that you will speak up for all of us in the surrounding areas that are wondering why more is not being told to us by the media and our government officials about this serious issue ?
I am highly concerned and worried about what is going on or should I say what is Not going on , to address the problem of the deliberate dumping of coal ash waste ,Duke Energy has done at the Moncure Plant  .
1st in The Sanford Herald , All public drinking water for Sanford, Broadway, Lillington, Dunn, Fayetteville and other nearby cities is taken from the Cape Fear, downstream from Duke's coal ash ponds in Moncure. Those ponds are now being looked into after other coal ash ponds belonging to the company breached in the northern part of the state in early February, leading to the third-largest coal ash spill in U.S. history. In Harnett County, an estimated 98 percent of residents use public water. In Lee County, most city residents have public water while most county residents use wells. Officials in both counties, however, don't appear to be concerned and said they haven't been paying much, if any, attention to the Moncure situation.

Vic Czar, head of the City of Sanford's public works department, said he hadn't heard of the allegations swirling around the Moncure plant. Allan Obriant, superintendent of the Harnett County water treatment plant, said he only learned about it Monday after seeing a news story. But neither had seen anything in water quality readings that would be cause for concern, they said Tuesday.

Now , MY question is "Is the Sanford Public Works , Looking for what comes from coal ash spills at all ? Like Boron, selenium, sulfate, iron, manganese, boron and total dissolved solids ?"
I asked a couple of people that went to your BOC meeting Monday night what Duke Energy had to say ? I was told by 2 people ... "The Duke personal said that lee county waters were not affected since they are 2 miles up stream from the cape fear coal plant issue."
The Duke Energy Reps were either Lying or really Misinformed, hasn't been to the river and can't read a map .
I have fished this river and I know which way the water flows .
 Attached is a picture of Google Earth and look at where the Cape Fear plant is, and where the Sanford intake is. Waterkeepers estimated the Sanford intake at 3 miles downstream from the coal plant.
"Cape Fear River plant, where North Carolina regulators said Duke illegally pumped 61 million gallons of contaminated water from a coal ash pit.Cape Fear is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency as a high-hazard dam where a spill could cause catastrophic damage to nearby homes and threaten lives." also from the herald .
Please help us feel safe drinking the water of Sanford and to give this water to our children as well as our animals .
I am sending this to the media also to try to get them to give answers to the public also .
Thank You for reading this .
Terica Luxton

click the picture for bigger view

If you still want to learn more here is the story on Rachel Maddow show .

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's Happening ? Webinar & more

  Subject: FREE webinar series from the Center for Environmental Health: Fracking, Natural Gas, and Maternal Health: What They Mean for Families and Communities
Please join us for a FREE webinar series: Fracking, Natural Gas, and Maternal Health: What They Mean for Families and Communities
6 Week Series Beginning Monday April 21st
Living near natural gas extraction and development sites may affect the health of pregnant women, children, and communities. This webinar series, led by medical professionals and scientists, will equip participants with information on these potential health issues and what they can do about it.
Register for one of the first 3 webinars:
Monday, April 21st, 2pm ET
Natural Gas Development, Public Health,
and Protecting the Most Vulnerable Populations
Featured Speaker: Carol Kwiatkowski, PhD, Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX)
Monday, April 28th, 2pm ET
Unconventional Natural Gas Extraction
and Special Vulnerabilities for Children’s Health
Featured Speaker: Jerome Paulson, MD, Children’s National Health System
Monday, May 5th, 12pm ET
Susceptibility During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know
Featured Speaker: Katie Huffling, RN, MS, CNM,
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANH)
Background: The rapid rise in natural gas extraction and development has increased contamination of air and water near drilling-dense regions across the country. Many of the chemicals used and associated with natural gas development extraction and development have been associated with acute and chronic health problems in children and women, including respiratory, neurological, reproductive, and developmental impacts. Researchers are studying the relationship between the chemicals associated with natural gas extraction and development and short and long-term health effects.
Mid-Atlantic Center for Children's Health and the Environment
Child Health Advocacy Institute
Children's National Health System
2233 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 317
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202-471-4829
Toll-free: 1-866-622-2431

AIR POLLUTION: Oil and gas boom, budget woes strain EPA's monitoring network --


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Frac Sand another things they are wanting to destroy NC to take from the earth !
I was doing some research after learning more about frac sand at a meeting in Pinehurst NC called ,
" Cautionary Tales from Communities Impacted by fracking."

One of the speaker's name was Robert from
 who also showed a cool video called "Frac Sand Land " btw the soundtrack was awesome.

I did a little searching around and found this on frac sand in NC .
 May 19, 2012 - Mineral Resources Laboratory are investigating the suitability of the Pinehurst Formation as a frac sand – a higher value product.

Found this on a search list ...
Mar 16, 2014 - 919.707.9205 – . 1 ... “social license” to drill and frack straightened out. ... J 2014 (C h. ) .... Oil-saturated sands above the....

Frac Sand Has been found in NC and will be mined to frack NC . IF we do not stand up Now.
Please know we have to fight this Now.

This video is found on The Price of Sand playlist about Frac Sand , great place to find out more and SHARE


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