Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lee Co Progressive Activist

Our State has gotten a lot of attention these last few years . Most of it not very favorable for many North Carolinians that don't want to go back 50 years ... In laws ,regulations , rights , etc Before I learned about fracking coming to NC , I can honestly say I did not ever plan to get involved in politics or activist activities .

Thursday night I went to the 1st Lee Co Progressive Activist meeting here in Sanford .
 Jay Calendine sent invites out to his list of active Lee Co Democrats and folks he knew may want to get involved in seeing changes in Lee Co .
He sent this invite to a few of us Fractivist he has gotten to know via many arguments with our Commissioners James Kermit Womack and Kirk D Smith on fracking and other dumb things they say on letters 2 Editor on fracking and other county issues .

There were about 20 people there and considering it was the 1st meeting and bad weather I believe that was pretty good.
I truly enjoyed meeting the people who came out to the meeting ! I am proud to say I work with many of them already fighting fracking from destroying Lee County and the rest of NC.
The discussion was mainly to agree we need a group to get active alerting the voters what is happening and will happen if we don't stand up and move forward in Lee County .
 Even got a chance to meet a few of our candidates !

Mark Akinosho, Democrat, for one of three Lee County Board of Education seats. Was introduced by Jay and he told us what position he had filed for as a politician .
 But as a Member of the community,  he let us know he was Not happy with having to have a political side on the BOE . Politics should not be the deciding reason a person works on this board .

  I told them about our Billboard fund to Keep ...NC Frack Free . How it will reach 1000's of people visiting our area in April and May !
here is the link for more information on how to donate . 

Other candidates that were there .
 Charles “Chuck” Baker Jr., a Democrat, filed for the Lee County Board of Commissioner District 3 seat, now held by Dr. Andre Knecht .

I found Chuck refreshing to talk to and will definitely do my part to help him get elected .

Larry “Doc” Oldham, Democrat, for the Lee County Board of Commissioners District 4 seat.
  Doc told several of us that "Fracking would not be good in his opinion as a long time businessman because he felt it would destroy our roads and cause lots of damage the county taxpayers will have to pay for .


I am proud to say all 3 candidates and several others took antifrack signs to put at their homes too.

Friday I chatted with Brad Salmon , Democrat, for the N.C. House District 51 seat against Mike Stone . We spoke via messages from the Lee Co Nc Say No To Fracking page 

I told him I would like to have some "vote for Salmon " magnets and he was glad to bring some by the Lee Co Democrat HQ . I mentioned to him that I had left " " signs at HQ and sure hoped he would take one.
Shortly after I got a message from him saying , He had stopped by the HQ in Sanford left magnets and picked up one of the FFNC signs too! He also let some magnets for us ! 

Now here's your chance to get involved ...
Meet the Candidates: March 11 at 6:00 pm
The Democratic Women of Lee County will be hosting the Meet the Candidates Reception at the Wilrik Hotel Ballroom on Tuesday, March 11, at 6 P.M. All of the Democratic candidates on the Lee County ballot are being extended an invitation to speak for a few minutes and then have an opportunity to talk informally and mingle with the crowd. 
 In addition to Lee... County candidates in local races, candidates will also be attending who are seeking to replace Senator Ron Rabin in NC Senate District 12, Representative Mike Stone in NC House District 51, and Representative Renee Ellmers in US House 2nd District. Judicial candidates are also being invited. Traditionally, this reception has been a great time for Lee County Democrats to hear and meet candidates and enjoy wonderful food that is always a part of this event.
  This reception will be very nice, so plan to come to show support for the candidates and to have a great time as the 2014 Democratic Primary campaigns are launched.
BTW , I still have bumper-stickers too

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  1. Thank you for the report! Will share this link so others will know what is happening in Lee County.


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