Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coming Soon AntiFrack Billboard in Lee Co NC

We are So excited the billboard is paid for ! We did it !
Thanks SOO much to everyone who took time to donate !
Even though we could only raise funds this time via snail-mail payments to CPA we made it happen !
 Cumnock Preservation Association who are now  a chapter working with the wonderful BREDL.Org , who just celebrated 30 years of activism ! 
We all have joined in solidarity with many Orgs against fracking at "Frack free NC "

There were a lot of the groups and orgs from Frack free NC helping with donations and spreading the word too for the funds !

By word of mouth and internet posting we worked together in solidarity and we are making it happen !
I thought originally it was going up in the middle of March but that was when the final payment was due ! Which has been paid in full ! 
Laaaa,  did a Happy Dance when I found out !

The billboard will go up in April and May just in time for all the extra Spring traffic , including the Golf traffic coming to Sanford too!

This will be our second sign ,
 here is the first one .

Hopefully with all the media on fracking now maybe we can get some attention with this one !

We have not gotten the final tally of donations but as of the first of the week I was told we have around $200 extra .
CPA will be sending tax receipts soon to the donators .
We are planning on using the extra funds to buy plywood , paint and wooden posts, to make Homemade Billboards as made by and posted  Keely Wood , Jeanne Rhea and Ed Harris in many yards and land near roads here in Lee and Chatham counties .


 Have you seen any of these ?

They have posted many more of them at any place landowners allowed them to, at no cost to the landowner .
 We are SO thankful for those people that allowed these signs too! Even more thankful for the workers involved too.

We will take pictures of it in place as soon as the glue dries !
Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned !



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