Friday, February 28, 2014

NC_DENR John Skvarla and abiotic oil

John Skvarla & “abiotic” oil

in 2011 this article came out .
In it was said ...
In 2008 it reported a group of Russian and Ukrainian scientists say that oil and gas don't come from fossils; they're synthesized deep within the earth's mantle by heat, pressure, and other purely chemical means, before gradually rising to the surface. Under the so-called abiotic theory of oil, finding all the energy we need is just a matter of looking beyond the traditional basins where fossils might have accumulated.
The idea that oil comes from fossils "is a myth" that needs changing according to petroleum engineer Vladimir Kutcherov, speaking at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. "All kinds of rocks could have oil and gas deposits."
Alexander Kitchka of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences estimates that 60 percent of the content of all oil is abiotic in origin and not from fossil fuels. He says companies should drill deeper to find it.

Now here is the interview newly picked Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources John Skvarla did with Laura Leslie ​Jan 2013 .
5 minutes in they start talking about fracking .
10 minutes in renewables and  12.5 minutes in... argues abiotic oil is renewable according to Russians ? Fossil fuel a myth ? 200 + years just waiting to be drilled ?? !
13.5 mins in Climate Change , he thinks it still needs proven !
15.5 minutes He smirks when Leslie mentions Coal ash ponds
Now this 2/20/2014  with the spills of coal ash by Duke Energy ...
 Rachel Maddow reports on the outrageous anti-science positions held by North Carolina governor Pat McCrory and his Secretary of the Department of Environment.

Anyway you look at this it is scary  !
I asked Jim Womack Chariman of the NC MEC / Fracking Commission , what he thought about the Sec of DENR  ???
giving him the link to INDYweekly
this was his reply ...
This is even scarier .... I am going to update Womack and give him Wral's link and tell him I am sure Laura Leslie would be glad to provide him with a transcript . 
I 'll let you know how that goes ...


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