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NC fracking moratorium, do we have one or Not?

UPDATE 2/20/ 2014

okay been doing some more searching using "Jim Womack , moratorium"
 found this article  . BTW , I was one of the activist there  with Keely Wood that day !

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 9:49 am
Sanford -Natural gas drilling likely will be allowed in North Carolina by early 2015, and Jim Womack told a mix of business leaders, politicians and environmental activists Monday that the practice will be an economic boon.

then towards the end this is said ...
By November or December, seismic testing trucks known as “thumpers” will be seen around Lee County, Womack said. Preliminary drilling for core samples could begin by next spring or summer, followed by a public comment window in September and October 2014 on his group's regulatory proposals. Recommendations will then be sent to the General Assembly and, if approved, the moratorium on drilling could be lifted by March 2015. 

Note it said ..."Recommendations will then be sent to the General Assembly and, if approved, the moratorium on drilling could be lifted by March 2015"

Published on Jan 24, 2014 North Carolina Republican legislative leaders are using a temporary moratorium on local governments' abilities to pass environmental ordinances to study the issue. The question is whether local boards use environmental ordinances to prevent development of business and industry. Kelly McCullen reports and interviews Rep. Chuck McGrady (D-Henderson).

NC fracking moratorium, do we have one or Not?      

James Kermit Womack Jr has been spending a LOT of time arguing with concerned residents of NC.   He is not really trying to show evidence that fracking is safe (cause he can’t) so he finds ways to try to shut us up. Belittling, degrading and downright name calling .

Just this week, he made this statement in a comment here …

“And finally, there is no moratorium in place. The prohibition on horizontal drilling was lifted with Senate Bill 820 in 2012. Vertical drilling, care sampling, and seismic testing are permissible today. Shale Energy extraction has the legislative green light to plan now for issuance of horizontal drilling permits in spring 2015. When the MEC is finished codifying its rules, the general assembly will grant permission for horizontal drilling to commence and DENR will begin issuing those permits.”

Yet below I have posted 6 places as late as Feb 2014 saying the Moratorium IS still in place?  So why should we the People of NC think otherwise ?
Oh Yes Jim said so !  I did a search using keywords ' fracking moratorium North Carolina' About 81,000 results

1)      NC House approves bill that keeps fracking moratorium in place, June 2013

2)      NC legislature slows fracking rush, renews push for offshore drilling , July ‘13

In the closing days of the session, the proposal to lift the fracking moratorium was inserted into an unrelated bill reorganizing the state Department of Commerce. But there was not enough support in the House for the measure to win approval.

3)      Last-Minute Attempt To Repeal Fracking Moratorium Fails In North Carolina , JULY 26 ‘13

Senate Bill 127 would have repealed a prohibition on fracking permits, which critics of the bill say would essentially lift the state’s moratorium on fracking. The legislation would have also decreased tax rates on oil and gas companies in an attempt to encourage drilling activity in the state. According to the News and Observer, the fracking provisions in the bill were unknown to most House members just 36 hours earlier, after being discreetly inserted into legislation that originally would reconfigure the N.C. Department of Commerce. This misleading tactic has been used before in the North Carolina General Assembly this session, including attaching stringent abortion restrictions first to an anti-Sharia measure and then again to a motorcycle safety bill.

4)      Fracking Bad Deal for North Carolina OCT 2013

North Carolina’s fracking bill, passed over a year ago, became law when a veto from then Governor Purdue was overridden by a legislator who accidentally pushed the wrong button.  The law however did not allow for fracking immediately, it instead placed a moratorium on the controversial drilling practice, while a panel of so-called “experts”—the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission, create rules that would dictate how fracking would take place in the state.  And sure enough these rules are proving to be extremely controversial:  Rules like those concerning whether citizens or even state agencies have a right to know what chemicals would be injected into their backyards by frackers; rules like those establishing how the state would deal with waste water from fracking; rules that determine whether citizens could stop these corporations from fracking in their private property; rules that will determine whether cities or counties will have any say in how/where/when fracking is done in their community.
Thankfully, for now, that moratorium on fracking is still on the books and there is still time to think this through.  Republican legislators who, all spring, had been gunning to overturn the legislation and its various parts, found themselves repeatedly short of votes at the end of the legislative session.  So for now, things like deep-well injection of dangerous waste fluids are still prohibited and the Mining and Energy Commission continues to move forward with their rulemaking.

5)      Lawmakers keep fracking moratorium

A host of allies and Environment North Carolina supporters rose to the 11th-hour challenge, with more than 100 calling N.C. House Speaker Thom Tillis in less than 24 hours to urge the speaker and the rest of his House colleagues not to back down.

N.C. House members stood their ground, and the bill that lifted the moratorium did not receive a vote before lawmakers adjourned their 2013 session.

6) From the Pilot : Monday, February 3, 2014

Fracking remains under moratorium in the state until the Mining and Energy Commission passes 100-plus rules and the state legislature approves a rule set. The first exploratory wells would not be drilled until next year at the earliest.



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