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Letters to the Editor about fracking via Our Sanford Herald

Lee County is going to be hit with as the main BOOM town of NC . IF we let it .
But many of us are speaking out against fracking even though our a few of our county commissioners does Not approve of us doing it ?
Thanks to "The Sanford Herald , we have a voice ! Lately those voices are coming more and stronger . Along with it comes really degrading comments from NC's biggest PROFRACKER
Jim Womack aka county commiss aka MEC chairman . Oh and let's not forget his trusty side kick / county commiss Kirk Smith .
They have a few helpers , like a fellow named Townsend too that would argue with himself to get attention .
I am adding just a few examples of their comments below. It is hard not to put all their comments in RED since that is the color I see after reading .
 The Herald also has a News link there for Mining & Energy

Some of the Letters to the Editor in the Sanford Herald .

Robert O. Stone ,NC  1/22/2014

Our water is too precious to risk 1/15/14
As we prepare for another Mining and Energy Commission meeting ..., Commissioner Womack reveals the fundamental reasoning why we shouldn’t allow this dangerous form of drilling into our state: fracking causes contamination. While the commissioner tries to downplay this risk, stating that these “events” are few and far between, he fails to mention the scale at which groundwater contamination has wreaked havoc on communities across the country from Pennsylvania to New Mexico. Additionally, a Duke study released last year showed increased well water contamination near fracking sites.
He states that the companies have “cleaned up and provided fresh water” for affected communities; however, what he conveniently omits is that the drinking water sources for these communities are contaminated forever. Families are forced to drink water, wash their clothes, bathe and brush their teeth from water that has been trucked in because of this contamination.
Chairman Womack and his oil and gas buddies want us to believe that there is little risk and much reward in fracking North Carolina. Mr. Womack, I would argue that places like the Deep River and Jordan Lake are too precious to risk, and there is little reward in jeopardizing the drinking water for millions of North Carolinians.
Liz Kazal
Womack even more rude than usual ... to me and others there .
my comment ...As an Anti-frack person , I spend Much time on the internet trying to collect facts . It is hard since most Antifrack information is Not funded by big $$ corps as O&G . But I believe that is what Jay referred to 'He could be forgiven if he wasn't using **the internet** ' To save you time on searching try FrackFreeNC .org . Terica
Terica, I know you mean well. But these sites you read and refer people to are about as authoritative as ; ; and . As a rule, I try to refer citizens to authoritative, peer-reviewed, science-based sites that practice journalistic integrity. Here's one study performed by a renowned climate change Professor from UC Berkeley. I recommend it highly:
By the way, much of the anti-drilling movement is very well funded by the likes of the Park Foundation, billionaire George Soros, and Hollywood celebrities - all of whom consume enormous quantities of hydrocarbons belching out their disinformation. Just sayin'

next .. someone asked for a LIST of claims of Harm from fracking ? So this was my second comment .
List of the Harmed , has many Named events.  . Terica
Womack's reply to me ...
Sorry Terica. That is a bogus site containing mostly frivilous claims of harm. Some of the cross-links at the site do not even lead to an actual report of wrongdoing. Of the reports that do, there are only rhetorical or asserted claims of harm, not confirmation by a bonafide health or safety official. Your reference to this site reminds me of the young lady in the State Farm commercial who claims, "They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true."

Jan. 09, 2014

Nov. 12, 2013 … "Since taking control of the Lee BOC and the House 51 seat, the GOP has shown its colors. Its officials have talked down to voters on the issue of fracking [and] bullied elected local boards ... and meddled in local elections." 
Jay Calendine , Lee County

Nov 9,2013

Oct 2013 … by Keely Wood . Commissioner Kirk Smith gets rude .
To the Editor:
I recently attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting. I was so pleased to hear how the business leaders are going to try to make Sanford a destination point, with added sidewalks, parks, a water park and a better shopping experience. I immediately thought of Newtown Square in Pennsylvania — a quaint bed-and-bath location.
I know that money won’t be well spent when fracking invades our county.
Mr. [Jim] Womack [chairman, N.C. Mining & Energy Commission] doesn’t want to share with you the social costs of fracking — his reply is, “ I won’t lie to you, there are always growing pains.” The fact is fracking impacts rural communities with a decline in quality of life and an increase of stress on the social network.
Food & Watch Case Study was a thorough Pennsylvania community report published in September of 2013. The report shows the average annual increase in disorderly conduct arrests were three times higher in heavily fracked rural counties. The large influx of transient fracking workers can lead to higher levels of substance abuse and alcohol-related crimes .
Sexually transmitted infections rose fastest in rural Pennsylvania counties where fracking began — 62 percent more than the unfracked counties.
The average annual number of heavy truck crashes increased 7.2 percent in fracked counties. Each fracking well requires thousands of truck trips to deliver hazardous fracking fluids and materials, adding to costly wear and tear on rural roads. ...
These are all facts based on a variety of resources, including Pennsylvania DOT, Pennsylvania State Police Database, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
A question was asked at the commerce meeting “ How will Sanford change?” To get a real inside view, just Google “Life in a fracking boomtown: Man camps, Meth Labs, Strippers, and the gold rush.”
Keely Wood
Lee County
from Kirk ....Ms. Wood, we already have criminal alien camps (single family homes with multiple residents - notice the numerous cars in the yard), drugs, prostitutes, drug smugglers, and human trafficking! The horrors of drilling you tout clearly provoke fear and we can avoid these if done properly.
We in eastern Lee County just experienced an "evil" gas company placing a gas line along NC-42 and cutting across access to our property. They went out of their way to ensure we had access to our driveway, replanted the grass, replaced the mail box (well my wife says it is 6" higher) and restored our driveway entrance. I know that in the future we will be blessed with an industry that will do the same.
Not the horrors that a group of tree hugging, earth worshiping, human hating, green people keep ranting. Veritas vos Liberabit!

Oct 2013 LETTER: Fracking brings problems for many, prosperity to few by Judy Hogan

Oct 15 ,2013 LETTER: No means no by Ed Harris /Sanford … Kirk Smith leaves rude comments
If we, the people of North Carolina, allow our employees, The N.C Mining and Energy Commission, The N.C Department of Energy and Natural Resources and the N.C Legislature, to continue on the path they are on with S.B. 820, S.B.76 and H.B.8, the state will own all property in North Carolina. You may buy property, pay taxes on property, improve property and create a home and lifestyle on property, but the state can at any time give your property rights to an industry that wants it for any reason.
An industry can come onto your land, cut down 200-year-old forests, destroy fields, pastures, your peace and quiet, and you have no say in the destruction of your property and lifestyle. Of course, “they” say that you will be compensated for loss or damages. “They” say that the land will be restored to its original condition. Really? How do you restore/replace 100-200 year old trees? How do you compensate someone for the loss of 100-200 year old hardwood forest and the habitat that it provides? How do you replace a good water well that is contaminated? A stream/creek? A river? Your farm pond? Pastureland?
“They” say that it cannot, will not happen. I don't believe “them.” I think that “they” are working for the gas industry. ... To see the devastation that fracking has wrought on communities across the country, the health and environmental problems, you only have to type “anti-fracking “ into your search engine, hit enter and follow the leads.
If we do not stand our ground, the people who are supposed to be protecting our interests (our employees) are going to give the gas industry, and any other industry that wants it, our property rights. They need to be made to understand that no means no. We, the people, reserve the right of refusal.
W. Ed Jr. & Doris C. Harris
Mr. Harris when you had your pig farm, did you provide environmentally friendly service to your neighbors? When you had the chickens, did you provide environmentally friendly protection for your neighbors? Mr. Harris do you admit to being a good neighbor, when you threaten their dogs life? My word, your rantings are getting more extreme by the day. It is enjoyable to read as we all need a good laugh!

OCT 16 ,2013 LETTER: Where is the outrage?  Sharon Reinders , Sanford

Feb 9, 2013 with Ed Harris , Womack rude comments

Womack argues with folks at several papers ...
 OCT 30 , 2013 From NPR …Shale Gas & Hydraulic Fracturing In North Carolina … Womack comments several times .


  1. Ad hominem attacks by these elected officials would suggest that somehow this issue is far more 'personal' than they would have the citizens be privy to, it would suggest that they perhaps have some sort of personal, monetary interest in bringing the industry to our fair state. They would be wise to consider appearances being that they are public 'servants' and the people do tend to remember their deeds and words. One doesn't generally reduce themselves to name calling and finger wagging unless they have some sort of personal attachment to the issue, unless of course they're being fairly well trounced in a debate and to that end, their panties are showing and they should put on their big boy britches and show some discipline and leadership skills. Wishful thinking I know....

  2. Thanks Tay , for commenting . Yes I agree , even though I must admit I had to check to see what 'Ad hominem' meant ? Our public servants act more like they 'think' they are our dictators !

    1. Perhaps we should start sharing their comments a little more widely with the nationally syndicated shows, they would make great fodder for comedians even though their lack of tact and decency is far from comical. Thanks for giving people a place to vent Terica! I know when the citizens of one western NC county contacted MSNBC and shed a little light on some badly behaved elections officials, it caused them to take a little more care in their actions and language.

  3. Good advice . Maybe I will share this blog with Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow .

  4. You really should, this kind of idiocy by elected officials should be ridiculed rather than celebrated. Satire is a powerful tool!


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