Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lee Co Commish Kirk D Smith , Veritas vos Liberabit

Who is Kirk ?

the first words that came out of his mouth here , turns out to be an Un-truth !
He says "He believes Government should  protect life , liberty & PROPERTY ?"
Read the blog he wrote as a guest writer on one of the most Right winged blogs from Lee County that I have found. 

Now here is an endorsement by the blog Womadison / Jim writes for

here is another blogged by Mr Madison about Kirk's letter to the editor about Mike Stone after  WRAL wrote "Lawmaker upset when daughter's class appeals for school funding "

Now his attitude on fracking ...
I am not going to go back on all the letters Kirk has written to the editor or all the comments .
but I will point out a few .
Here is a statement he made at the end of a letter he wrote back to Bob Holder who wrote asking "How will fracking affect our water supply ? "

kirk's letter back made no sense , ranting about BS , NO facts . this below is how he ended his letter.
"Allow me the opportunity to provide Mr. Holder any number of online resources to overcome the propaganda that demonizes our potential for energy independence. He may contact me at "
Kirk D. Smith
Vice Chairman
Lee County Commission

Well his letter did not make Bob too happy so he wrote him a letter too ... How about some Straight Answers ... Kirk did not seem to write back ??

Oct 12th he commented to Keely Wood's Letter .

then again to Ed Harris's Letter
Kirk's feeling About the ACA and our President ...
The Affordable Care Act is neither caring or affordable! You are not allowed “to keep your insurance if you like it” or “keep your doctor,” and you certainly won’t “see your premiums drop” as the many lies spewed by the dear leader and his myrmidons indicate.

Now if you would like for Kirk to know how you feel about fracking and or his attitude to people .
Write a letter to the Editor of "The Sanford Herald " according to Kirk he reads them all ...

Unlike some of our most prominent progressives, I read each and every letter in The Herald, as it provides a variety of opinions that helps each one of us understand other's viewpoints. Furthermore, these citizens are exercising their free speech and press rights, as well as taking their precious time to do such. Just remember, tyrants do not allow opposing viewpoints!
As always, I shall remain in Search of our God-given Liberties!
Kirk D. Smith
Vice Chairman
Lee County Board of Commissioners


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