Tuesday, January 28, 2014

fracking Ad hominem attacks from J Womack

Well I posted my comment to Womack but it said it had to be moderated 1st ? Hmm that was a 1st . So I will post it here .
Insults stir me , but I use research to attack my offenders .
Not Ad hominem attacks like Womack !
Ad hominem attacks can take the form of overtly attacking somebody, or more subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes as a way to discredit their argument.

This is Jim Womack reply to a Lee County citizen’s concerns about fracking in NC.

Balderdash. More hysteria from those who spew emotional drivel rather than balanced, fact-based truth about the industry. Mrs. Wood knows full well that property values rise substantially in drilling zones- in the Eagle Ford Shale they are up as much as 900% in just four years across McMullen County, TX. Only in very rare circumstances are property values diminished.

Air quality goes up as the result of drilling, not down as Mrs. Wood might have you believe. Increasing supplies of shale energy allows Duke Energy to convert more electric plants to cleaner burning natural gas, retiring the dirtier coal-fired facilities. The 25% or so improvement in air quality across Pennsylvania the past five years was a shock to everyone. But it is intuitively obvious that shale energy is much cleaner to burn and much more efficient than coal.

Industrial zones are all over this county- they have been since the early 1900's as Lee County became an industrial and manufacturing hub. We are striving to expand those zones and to host even more companies with high paying jobs (just like the ones this industry brings). It's part of the Lee County heritage.

And finally, there is no moratorium in place. The prohibition on horizontal drilling was lifted with Senate Bill 820 in 2012. Vertical drilling, care sampling, and seismic testing are permissible today. Shale Energy extraction has the legislative green light to plan now for issuance of horizontal drilling permits in spring 2015. When the MEC is finished codifying its rules, the general assembly will grant permission for horizontal drilling to commence and DENR will begin issuing those permits.

 Here is MY reply to him.
#6 Of course, there are two sides to any coin and the tremendous growth seen in communities around Texas has brought on a host of other social ills. Camps full of young men making spectacular money with little to spend it on are a goldmine for peddlers of sex and drugs. Traffic accidents in McMullen County have jumped by 300 percent since the start of the latest Texas oil boom.
Now let’s compare the Size & Populous of this county , You say has 900% property value increase, fact-(based truth? )which I can’t find that report in your Ad hominem attacks ?
Fact : There are over 82% More people living in Lee Co in about ¼ amount of land .
McMullen County , Texas, As of the 2010 census, its population was 707, making it the fifth least populous county in Texas. Area: 1,143 sq miles (2,960 km²) Population: 726 (2012)
Lee County , North Carolina. As of the 2010 census, the population was 57,866. Its county seat is Sanford.  Area: 259 sq miles (670.8 km²) Population: 59,715 (2012)  Source Wikipedia
Not all the folks in that little county in Texas are happy with the G&O companies or the pipeline folks either.
On Feb. 1, 2012, Texas started requiring operators to disclose the composition of fracking fluids on FracFocus. http://fracfocus.org/chemical-use/what-chemicals-are-used
But the law also allows companies to withhold the “identity and amount of the chemical ingredient used” as a trade secret. And it lets companies determine what is a trade secret.
“What’s the point? Where is the value in that?” asked landowner Bill Sibley, whose family owns ranches in Atascosa, McMullen and Duval counties that once belonged to his great-grandfather. “I’ve heard they’ve used everything from formaldehyde to instant coffee. Who knows? Nobody knows for sure.”
or this article about land being Devalued with pipelines going through McMullen County farmland.
Fracking-driven energy boom means oil and gas wells are becoming the norm in some neighborhoods
Published on Oct 3, 2013 
loading oil near a huge flare at the freshly frac'd Debill well west of McMullen Co,Tilden, TX.
 Things really started heating up.

So that is my research . Don't frack with my friends !


  1. Well said. I hope that your reply is released from moderation soon; if I had to guess, I'd say it was all the hyperlinks. Jim Womack recently accused me of "contaminating the ethernet" for challenging Womack's pro-fracking "science". Of course, now his side is saying that because I don't have a science degree, I can't argue science. Ad hominem is their standard go-to fallacy.

    1. thanks for stopping by Jay

  2. We don't want to forget that there are water shortages in lots of areas of Texas that has been attributed to hydraulic fracturing. Check this link to see some info on McMullen County. http://agfax.com/2013/03/12/texas-water-shortage-shaping-up-as-crisis/

  3. The *science* didn't work very well in the Gulf of Mexico, now did it?? :)


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