Friday, January 31, 2014

Deep River Triassic Rift Basin

Yep Mike Stone is so for fracking NC. This was a flyer going around here in Lee County in 2012. I can't wait to get him voted out this time!

I posted this link to a slideshow a while back but thought it maybe interesting to some of the newer NC folks starting to learn about fracking .
Certain folks in Lee County have been plotting to drill here a long time . I found this interesting photo album .

Deep River Triassic Rift Basin in Lee Co , had a Shale party .
Geologists, energy businessmen, and local landowners joined a Geological Society of America Southeastern Section field trip exploring the Sanford Sub-Basin, of the Deep River Triassic Rift Basin in Lee County, examining the potential for natural gas to be extracted on Saturday, March 26, 2011
LOOK closely at the folks in these pictures,  some of them are now deciding our fate of our state .
I have to say I recognize a lot more of them now than I did nearly 2 years ago when I started this fight.

Mike Stone ,  represents NC House District 51, including the City of Sanford, Lee County and Western Harnett County.
Ray Covington , on the Fracking Commission and co- partners in with brothers Rob and Russ Knight of

Russ Patterson of Patterson Exploration ....also on the NEW commissioner appointed Lee County Environmental Review & Advisory Committee  .'
 Also the fellow in the blue coat on the last picture is also on our 'Lee County Environmental Review & Advisory Committee'

Here is one of the PDF's made from this field trip.

this article was written shortly after this Field trip and many of the same folks are quoted in the article.

 Video from Sanford Herald

let me know if you recognize anyone.

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