Sunday, November 30, 2014

Postmenopausalzest: Coal Ash Contamination in the Works

Postmenopausalzest: Coal Ash Contamination in the Works: We do have 27 coal ash ponds in North Carolina, and one near us in Southeast Chatham is being channeled into the Cape Fear River above t...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Using ConnectGIS mapping for Lee County NC

I've spent more time on this site than I care to admit. searching for split estates and leased to frack sites and deeds.
Now sadly I am looking at it in a whole new way ...Duke Energy has decided that they want to make a Coal ash Dump out of Sanford and Moncure,  too.
The mapping system for Lee County is really educational and fairly easy to use . As far as I know it the only one like it in NC.
give it a try ... click here 

 then click I accept this disclaimer  
example below 

Once the map comes up , look around ...on right is boxes you can check see if they plan to frack near you ...check the box ...Mineral rights /oil & gas leases

  it will turn purple in the map where this leased land is , like the next picture has .
John Riggs #8 frack estates 108 acres
K Holland 30 acre frack lease joins coal ash pond 

K Alexander 112 acres leased to frack joins coal ash dump

Here is an example: I typed in Cherokee Sanford Group (now this is owned by Charah .) 
the scribbly writing in blue is mine , I used the pen thingy on the snippet program, one day i'll find a pen/mouse . 
you can click these pictures for bigger pictures too. 

Click the + button to get closer shots ,too.

Now you can find things like these pics below . If you have windows7 use the snipping tool to take these kinds of shots.
from the red line down running across the bottom 2 tracts are part of the Coal ash Dump Site .It looks like a trailer-house there? 

map coal ash dump and Helms horse ranch
coal ash dump site in blue lines

map coal ash dump and Helms horse ranch and extra 12 at #1 on post office road .
If you have any questions , ask here or at our facebook page

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Video: Women Farmers Speak Out on Gas Drilling

 Great educational information on leases and more .  

Women Farmers Speak Out About Gas Drilling....

 Uploaded on Oct 24, 2011 In Deposit, NY, on 10-23-11, Carolyn Knapp and Carol French of Bradford Co., Pa., share important info on the pitfalls of gas leases, gas extraction in their county to an audience in NY.. Pro-Gas Landowners heckle the speakers .

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things we Will see if Fracking comes to NC

If you live in south/east Lee County on most days you can hear what sounds like thunder ... If you dare ask "what it is that Noise?"  on a local facebook page you will quickly see answers like ...
 "Fort Bragg doing Exercises." Some call it "the sound of freedom" ... 
I call it 'noisy explosions and air pollution .'
  If you live in Harnett Co your windows will shake along with your whole house sometimes ... Folks don't use well water there anymore either ...???

I remind you of this as I listen to it starting at 8 this morning ,thinking of what is to come ...
These video shows what Many of us will be hearing and seeing too soon if fracking comes to North Carolina.

First Seismic testing 

Other noise and air polluters we can look to come... 

 Truck traffic, roads shredded, neighborhoods being shock to pieces, property value dropping in front of your eyes !

There is so much more ...


Is this the future We Want ?
Doesn't the next generation deserve better ?

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Week of Kirk the Name Caller

Wow what a week it has been , last week this time I was looking forward to getting back online with the Sanford Herald , seems I had 2 accounts registered and I kept getting kicked off . It was hair pulling  two weeks for me and the herald employees till it finally starting letting me in last Wednesday . Just in time to read the sarcastic apology our Commissioner wrote to in a LTE .
BTW click any picture for a bigger view . 

The Irony I got in long enough to write a quick comment with a promise of my own LTE which was actually published in the paper on Sunday and online today . ...
My LETTER-Name-calling-needs-to-stop
also posted here in full at my facebook page

His LTE got 13 out raged comments and other Letters to the editor too about him . Does that slow him down with the name calling ? Nope

Oct 8th on Kirk's FB Profile His fans are cheering him on.  

From the comments to his letter online .

Today 10/13 /2014 

in the picture above notice his statement said more this shows the full statement . 

How much more are we to tolerate from these guys ? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Part 2 Curt Kirk and his Marxist name calling

I thought I'd seen enough of Kirk's name calling just writing this blog yesterday ...
THEN ...After reading in the Sanford Herald the last 'Thumbs Down' about Kirk's name calling, seeming to be all part of the political play-game . Really just another slap on the wrist ? okay it pissed me off .

HMM ,  I wondered just how long Kirk has been on this Marxist kick ? 
Wow , This man loves to rant and call names . 
Turns out he has even called our President a Marxist ! 
I did a search using these words only ... 
"Kirk D. Smith" marxist 
 Found much more than I could stomach to read .
The places he reads are definitely Not places I am Normally reading from ! So I took snips to share with you so you don't have to go there ...
Here is proof the man is really  ________ , you fill in the blank ?
Obsessed comes to my mind .
 A comment at the last blog said "Kirk needed to get back on his meds" 
Click any of the pics to make bigger . 

Well that was about as much as I could stand . Are you ready to vote BLUE ? 
Please go Vote ... 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

BOC Curt Kirk discourteous attacks advance

Curt: definition, rudely brief in speech or abrupt in manner.
 Well Kirk used to be brief ...
Kirk D Smith is ranting and raving like a mad man . I thought Jim Womack was something, the way he'd argue with us & belittle us in the papers about topics even using alias names to do so. I have done many blogs on him as well...
But Kirk takes the prize for GOING TOO FAR , He has gone way too far and has lots of us wondering 'How far will he be Allowed to go ? '

    I posted about the attacks of our commissioners Kirk and Jim went on toward a '30 year county employee' that dared say "she felt there had not been or is now a need for concealed guns in the Social Service Dept." at the Sept 8th , BOC meeting .
The initials BOC is starting to look like it stands for "Bullies Ordering Commands" 

Jim proved he did not even understand the law/resolution  they were trying to enforce while aggressively cross examining her . He asked her "why do you only mention guns ? Why not knives?" When the actual Resolution was about concealed guns only ! When Jim is corrected... he only flinches and starts a new attack !
Then Kirk even tried to use scripture to back this gun law ??  there-is-no-scripture-about-guns.html

I had gone to that BOC meeting to address Kirk's recent of many ranting LTE (letters to the editor)   /LETTER-How-is-it-that-Water-Equals-Life?  September 5th ,where he ended his rant with ...'I guess the earth-worshiping, tree-hugging, Eco-Marxists by their actions denying our energy independence would rather have “blood for water.” So how is that “Water equals Life?” '
Kirk D. Smith
After watching the drama of the Gun issue , I decided Not to confront Kirk at this meeting with the copy of his LTE from the paper along with a printout of another Rude insult on his facebook profile and also a 3 page copy of the 'BOC ethics rules' ! 

Many people , as I replied with comments online to his LTE . Some wrote a LTE too responding to him which he does not even acknowledge he reads ... other than Writing another Ranting LTE ?

Last night I decided to look around again to see what new Rants he has posted ??? I am posting just some here and
So I ask you , "HOW FAR should he be ALLOWED to go ? "

  Sept 27th ... He was on a roll..of insults ....

 Kirk does Not just have hateful remarks about people that are fighting for the environment
here are some other topics he has dwelled on lately ...  
from the Rant 

Again I ask you , "HOW FAR should he be ALLOWED to go ? " 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How North Carolina's Political Environment is Affecting the Environment

This is Very Informative for North Carolinians

 Streamed live on Nov 6, 2013
In recent months, the North Carolina legislature has made vast changes to the state's laws in a variety of areas. Four panelists discuss how the current political environment in North Carolina is affecting the natural environment. Speakers: Ellie Kinnaird, former North Carolina Senator for the 23rd District, Orange and Chatham Counties; Mary Maclean Asbill, lawyer-lobbyist at the Southern Environmental Law Center; Brooks Pearson, lawyer-lobbyist at the Southern Environmental Law Center; and Jedediah Purdy, Robinson O. Everett Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law. Sponsored by the Environmental Law Society, the Duke Law Chapter of the American Constitution Society,
the Duke University Greening Initiative through the Nicholas School, and the Duke Law Blueprint Fund.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well casings fail in Fracking process

I was sent this article by a Profracker at our facebook page . 
We have them coming more often now . I have been told that is a good sign that the word is getting out there how really terrible fracking can be and the GOP G&O fans are working hard to debunk us . Of course most will go away after elections . Most don't even live in a shale area either ! 

Duke scientists: Faulty wells, not fracking, contaminated drinking water in Texas, Pennsylvania

Read more here:

From the article ....The study blames the water contamination on leaky well shafts near the earth’s surface, not on the process of hydraulic fracturing itself, which takes place thousands of feet underground.

Vikram Rao, chairman of the state’s Mining and Energy 

Commission, said this latest research is a reminder of 


it’s crucial that North Carolina have the tools in place to 

properly regulate shale gas exploration.
“This is exactly why we need good rules, and good 

adherence to the rules,” he said. 

Speaking as an individual and not as chairman of the 

Mining and Energy Commission, Rao, a former 

Halliburton chief technology officer, said much of the 

industry has long known that if water contamination was 

found it was the result of poor cement jobs.

Read more here:

Read more here:
Cementing is an essential aspect of drilling. Energy companies thread steel pipes into bored holes and squeeze cement around the pipes. The cement prevents gas or fluids from moving between the pipe and the exposed rock. A poorly cemented well can create a path for contaminants to migrate upward and leech into shallow porous rocks that hold drinking water. - 

Regulators have NOT addressed the problem with any realism. The argument that regulation can lead to "safe fracking" is senseless. To frack a well, you have to cement it, and cement inevitably fails. "Safe fracking" is a contradiction in terms.
Leaking oil and gas wells are more than statistics. Failure rates mean thousands across the nation have enough contaminants in their water and land to render them unfit for residential or agricultural use. They're left with homes they are forced to abandon, and compromised health.

Therese Vick said it best ...Whether its drilling, 

spilling, well casings, pits leaking- if gas 

development wasn't happening, the groundwater 

would not be impacted. 

Industry repeatedly obfuscates by talking about

 one stage of the whole process, when they well 

know that the public interprets "fracking" as all

 the activities on a well pad.

Here is more Facts... 
the NC Government promised the best rules on fracking ! They just did not say they were for us ! 
MEC rules are Not GOOD for North Carolinians but for the drilling companies ! 

Stats show that cement casing do fail often . Check out this chart and remember this is per 100 wells fracked. 

It is a bad well casing technique, not a "Bad fracking technique". 
They CAN NOT do fracking without the casings right ??

Read more here:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pro Frack Womack gets holes in his Myths

See how Jim Womack still is out there every chance he gets to promote fracking in NC , but he did not expect this showdown with a PA fractivist !
Ron Gulla visited North Carolina for this showdown at WCU with frack friendly Jim Womack, Chairman of the NC Mining & Energy Commission. According to Womack, who is also a Lee County Commissioner, fracking is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Ron Gulla shot a bunch of holes in Jim's Myths by sharing many of the realities of fracking in Pennsylvania. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tea-party tried & failed to out rally Fracktivist at MEC Hearing

When are they going to learn ? You can't fight the passion of the people who are Really going to have to live with the shale drilling . 
In Sanford : Which almost did not happen after Womack's fear mongering ,see more about that here and read-the-dead-of-night-jim-womack-e-mail-everybodys-talking-about/ 

They came Bussed in , promised to be fed and free propaganda for all . NO experience necessary.
 Rumor was many came from a retirement home ... ? 

I wish I would have asked them questions but they did not seem to want to be approached by anyone but Jim Womack . 
LOL , Ed Harris in the big white hat , is from here in Lee Co. He did not give them a break ! He got in the front of the line to sign up to speak before they rushed in and he made Sure they got an ear full or 2 on why He is fighting Forced pooling Fracking ! 
I guess they had a curfew because they all left about 7ish  ...

Tea Party Organizer Lanelle Alsip of Surry County was at the Hearing at Sanford and was quoted by the Sanford Herald ... Fracking-hearing-draws-a-crowd  

Lanelle is the one with the Coke in her hand . I love the way our FRACKFREENC signs stood out on this picture ! 
She said the people who were against fracking were only against it because they were afraid of something new.She said fracking is necessary because everyone needs energy in their daily lives.
You can go here and see how they prepared for their MEC hearings , this time . The young girl in this pic wrote about it in a blog .  

Well it seems Lanelle seems to be into these events ...She was bussed into Raliegh on Weds and now here tonight. Plus she came in 2012 ! she organized the last bus of SHALE YES folks to Sanford in 2012 ...
 and I bet she helped with this Friday's event too .

Now let's jump ahead to Sept 12 , 
What won't the API do to promote their shale drilling ?
Obviously they don't screen their promoters .

Sunday, September 14, 2014

There is NO Scripture about guns.

A bunch of us local grassroots Fracktivist planned to go to the BOC meeting Sept 8th . We planned on sitting in just to see what happened on what is Normally pretty boring as I am told . Not this time , Concealed Guns were the topic so it was a packed house . 
Topic : 
Resolution (first reading) to Amend Section 2-31 of the Lee County Code of Ordinances Concerning Concealed Handguns on County Property, and a revised Concealed Carry –Employee Personnel Policy. 

​This is a link to the whole meeting if you care to download it . It took me about 15 minutes to download . It is really weird how it seems Jim and Kirk have a volume control button on some of this audio ? I was clear across the room and picked up Commissioners Amy Dalrymple and Ricky Frazier  , yet my audio is better ?
Full agenda here 
​ ​

The first few minutes made me want to gag ... They had a little "that a boy certificate" for Kirk praising him for BLAH BLAH BLAH.. . Then Jim gets one for Fracking , Yep you read it right ! Then it was on pros and cons for guns ....
37 minutes in Kirk attacks a  30 year social worker for her comments about guns in the workplace not being wanted  , a couple minutes later Jim comes in ranting at her about 'Only bringing up guns as a concealed weapon' . "What about Knives?" he says only to be cut off and corrected by the Co attorney that is Is only about guns !
Proving He did not even know the True wording of the resolution he and Kirk are pushing was for guns only  . 

Then 1hr and 20 minutes in ,Kirk comes back to attack the same County employee as before but with more disgust this time  to the point Commissioner Robert Frazier said he was out of order  . 
He went on ranting about it even after told not to. 
Then moments later Kirk used scripture to back his reason to carry a gun at work ! Luke 22:36 .

Anyone who quotes scripture to further his position about guns (or any other political topic) is not "using" Scripture as it was intended. 
The Bible can be used to reshape one's life. It should not be used to try to win hot-issue arguments. That shows little respect for the Scripture you say you believe , IMHO.

I have to admit my video is shaky But it shows their faces and reactions better and it also can be heard better in most of mine . 
Here are some pieces of mine . I could not sit there and hold it still for all of it. 

 Not sure why it shows so shaky but you can hear it ! 
This one really cracked me up !  Not the part of Jim picking on this County Employee of 30 years  , but the fact that 'Mr Know IT ALL' , did not know what He was talking about .
Yet he still continues to drill this lady . about 4 mins in on this one Kirk dangles a sign around ... this dude is weird , watch his face and eyes . 

Other topic : Environmental 
Last minute Resolution request brought in by Kirk ...  Approved request for the Chairman to send a letter to the Association in reference to a Resolution supporting "the repeal of NC Senate Bill 3." You can see my video here at Facebook without a facebook account.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Conservatives naming the NC Energy Modernization Act ?

I am old school in many ways . I still believe you should know the real definition for a word you use .
 Especially if you are using it to label yourself , someone else or something . 
As a person considering to educate themselves to vote today, it could be hard reading the written definitions of parties and pick the one they believe suits them ...
Example ... a word used to politically label the Republicans that confused me when I read the definition versus their actions ... Conservative ? The definition sounds Nothing like their actions lately ! Which is to try to 'Change' as much of NC as they can   ... 
  Conservatives believe that the implementation of change should be minimal and gradual; they appreciate history and are more realistic than idealistic. 
Conservative Definition : not liking or accepting changes or new ideas
 a :  an adherent or advocate of political conservatism

b capitalized :  a member or supporter of a conservative political party
a :  one who adheres to traditional methods or views
b :  a cautious or discreet person
I highlighted some of the definitions used above because of the 'contradiction' of their actions lately .  
What brought me to writing this was This name NC 'Energy Modernization Act'  picked for this bill, 
Bob Rucho;  E. S. (Buck) Newton;  Andrew C. Brock;  (Primary) David L. Curtis;  Jim Davis;  Rick Gunn;  Brent Jackson;  Joyce Krawiec;  Trudy Wade; 
considering most of them are a Koch-funded tea party group member as well, which Say they are for.. Personal & Economic Freedom , and a Debt Free Future ?

So this name kind of through me for a loop the 1st time I saw it .... Energy Modernization Act !
We all know the definition for Energy .

But I decided to look at the definition of Modernization... from
Transformation of a society from a rural and agrarian condition to a secular, urban, and industrial one. It is closely linked with industrialization. As societies modernize, the individual becomes increasingly important, gradually replacing the family, community, or occupational group as the basic unit of society. Division of labour, characteristic of industrialization, is also applied to institutions, which become more highly specialized. Instead of being governed by tradition or custom, society comes to be governed according to abstract principles formulated for that purpose. Traditional religious beliefs often decline in importance, and distinctive cultural traits are often lost.

So do you see my confusion ? How can they represent the people of NC , when they can't even represent the party they label themselves with ? 

How can you want to take away the 'freedom' of a landowner to decide what can safely be done to their Own land by using laws like "compulsory pooling" ? 

now for the rest of the story ... 
Jim tried hard to cancel the hearing in Sanford to the point of writing a letter to his coworkers that morning at 2AMish to whine about it . More here a=on that
He waited till the SHALE YEs bus pulled into Sanford finally almost 4 p.m., Womack made the call to move forward with the hearing and began letting people into the auditorium, saying he did not see an imminent threat to public safety.
"We aren't going to delay the hearing any longer," he said as people prepared to file into the civic center. "But the meeting will be adjourned immediately if things get out of hand.
Straight off the bus Tea Party Organizer Lanelle Alsip of Surry County was at the Sanford MEC Hearing and was quoted by the Sanford Herald ... Fracking-hearing-draws-a-crowd  
She said the people who were against fracking were only against it because they were afraid of something new.
She said fracking is necessary because everyone needs energy in their daily lives.
“One thing is important: You cannot feed yourself. You cannot feed your family. You cannot pay your taxes. You cannot go to work without some oil, petroleum process,” she said.

Well it seems Lanelle seems to be SCARED of a lot of things too. 

she organized the last bus of SHALE YES folks in 2012 ...
 and I bet she helped with The 2014 MEC HEARING in Sanford  too . 
Recognize this bus on the banner of the NC tea-party ...

 it happens to look like the bus that dropped a bunch of tea party Shale yes folks off in Sanford  again in 2014 ....

Jim sure was glad they bussed in to support him .
But they did not make a dent in the room with all the true Anti-frack people that showed up and spoke about the sorry rules that are in place and many told Jim just what they thought of him too. 
WRAL was great to record the whole thing here .