Sunday, October 6, 2013

Insults Fuel my Research !

Sticks and Stones may break my bones , but insults
Peace me off !

I posted a comment at an article months ago and never went back to see if anyone replied to it ?
Then I happened on it looking for other information .

When I saw I had left a comment before there , I also saw this reply to me...
from PParker "Terica, shut up, pack up and move away from this country. we are going to drill for oil until there is none left. then we are going to move to something else. Maybe in about 150 years we can have cars that are powered by dandelions or sail power. until then keep your tree hugging liberal(socialist) comment to yourself. Why aren't you working? Do you possibly work for the administration or are you violating your employers internet policies?"

Someone else replied to him " Dumbest response ever. Are you really accusing someone of breaking company policy by being on the internet at work, when you are on the internet at the exact same time? Try to be less attacking and use less name calling and people might actually take you seriously some time. "

After stewing on the insults I considered writing him back ,but decided to just reply back with Thanks to the commenter to him .

"Thanks Tommy2 for your comment . I will not bother to respond to PP's insults . I have found the ones that tend to through insults often work for the O&G themselves or just don't educate themselves about what is happening in the New World ! Insults like these tend to just make me curious . So for the fun of it I googled "Dandelion fuel " well there are 7 weeds they do use for biofuel but not Dandelions . But I did find out they do make tires from them ,lol. Then for the heck of it I searched for "wind powered cars" there were many ... now I think I will write a blog on it , maybe call it " Insults fuel my research !"

Seven Weeds That Could Power Your Car

tires made with Dandelions

this was very interesting too !
Fuel of the Future by Henry Ford
"There's enough alcohol in one year's yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years." - Henry Ford

SO just remember if they are throwing out insults , it is probably because they are too stupid to do otherwise !


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