Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bill Huston's Blog (Binghamton NY): Bradford County PA, the place with the sweetest wa...

This blog is amazing how much information is there .
Bill Huston's Blog (Binghamton NY): Bradford County PA, the place with the sweetest wa...: Bradford County PA , the place with the sweetest water on Planet Earth is now a massive, toxic, INDUSTRIAL WASTE STORAGE DUMP.  

Our Lee county Commissioner ? /NC- MEC chairman Jim Womack is friends & Partners with the commissioner of Bradford Co PA , in a group called "America's Counties for Energy Independence "
They are Promoting fracking our counties with funding from Our counties through Dues .
They are not there for the people but the Business.

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  1. I forgot to mention one thing in my first post: Mr. Huston claims Bradford County Pa has the sweetest water??? The fact is they have some of the worst water in the northeast due to its high natural methane (biogenic) content. I know a realtor in a town called Montrose, PA whose younger brother when he was a teenager would go with his friends ice fishing on farm ponds and they would have a small ceremony before they started to fish. After the kids got done drilling a hole in the ice, one of them would take a match and throw it over the hole and watch it flare up due to the dissolved methane in the water! Please take care an use a critical eye when viewing all the information regarding banning fracking in NY or elsewhere. Here is some great reading to see what is really behind this war on U.S. energy: I live just across the border from Bradford County, Pa in NY in a small town called Endicott and am a landowner who would like to have the freedom to lease my land for its mineral rights which lie beneath it. It is rumored here in NY that Mr. Huston is a paid activist from a number of NY organizations who are part of the super rich from New York City and the Catskill Mountains effort's to keep drilling out of NY. Thanks and have a good day!


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