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Who is Lee Co Environmental Review & Advisory Committee ? part2

Part 2 of Who is Lee Co Environmental Review & Advisory Committee ?
here is a little history on this committee ...
At the January 7th meeting of the Lee County Board of Commissioners, the Board created an Environmental Review & Advisory Committee (ERAC) that will be composed of 9
 (11 now) appointed members, each possessing technical skills and experience from the following areas - Agriculture, Biology/Animal Science, Ecology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Health/Toxicology, Environmental Law, Forestry, Geology, Hydrology/Water Testing, Meteorology/Air Testing, Regulatory Planning & Enforcement (DENR or EPA experience), Soil Science/Soil Testing, and Waste Management. 
 The mission of the newly established board will be to review technical documentation and to advise the Board of  Commissioners on testing, monitoring, and regulatory matters affecting the environment of Lee County.

This was after Disbanding the EAB of Lee County  that was with the City council too ??? I believe they /Jim and his cronies , did this because of this letter written from the EAB the year before , which was showing Deep Concern about fracking ?

and this
Then this
"We can't let the city's unique concerns fall through the cracks," said Council member Rebecca Wyhof, who originally proposed that Sanford create an EAB.
After the Lee County Board of Commissioners voted to disband the joint Environmental Affairs Board in favor of a technical skill review committee earlier this year, Wyhof proposed that the city form its own board to review environmental tasks relevant to the municipality.

Okay to the list of WHO is the Lee Co ERAC , The other folks is in part one !
 the official list !

* O.F. "Russ" Patterson -- Hydrology/Water Testing
* Jeff Reid -- Biology
* Matthew Sakurada -- Waste Management
* David Silvey -- Environmental Health/Toxicology
* Dan Wood -- Engineering
Robert Garrett was selected as an alternative with hydrology and water testing has his area of expertise.

Russ Patterson, a geologist with Patterson Exploration Services of Sanford
Here is an article that shows him doing a field day for Mike Stone ,  Rob and Russ Knight and family friend Ray Covington.

Oh and make sure you look at the SLIDE SHOW: Natural gas exploration

I found so much on him last time I wrote on this topic I am just going to add the link here.

Jeff Reid : can't find any property He owns ?
Well it seems Reid and Patterson are old buddies in Sanford .
"We do have rocks and materials that produce, under the right conditions, hydrocarbons," state geologist Jeffrey Reid said. "How much is unknown."
Reid has compiled about 60 years worth of geological, seismic and drill data for an area known as the Triassic Basin, which includes Lee County. He plans to present the information to petroleum company scientists next month.
Russ Patterson of Patterson Exploration in Sanford, has photos of a 1974 Lee County drilling site hanging on his office wall. Tests confirm methane gas deposits and even oil are located thousands of feet below in rock formations.
"We have coal bed methane right here," Patterson said. "I think you should drill everywhere you can drill to get what you can get."

Matthew Sakurada seems to be a Busy man.
In Sanford , The Green Street project

           Managing Member of Cherry Tree Construction January 2012Present (1 year 9 months) Sanford, NC  . 
Manage small construction company using up to five employees and area subcontractors.

Vice President and General Manager  at Marcellus Power Solutions  Oct 2011Present (2 years) Paoli, PA and Sanford, NC   .    In charge of developing of several water treatment and cogeneration sites in PA, OH and NY.

“Our mission is to use the vast reserves of Marcellus gas to generate clean low cost power while eliminating the waste water created in the “fracking” of the gas wells.”
President of EmPower Resources, Inc. Sept 2011Present (2 years 1 month) Sanford, NC   
there is a bunch more here

David Silvey was a part of one of the last meeting of the old Lee Co Enviro Board the BOC just disbanded because they were Concerned about fracking !
Could not find much at all , not military , not Environmental Health or Toxicology ??
He made Man of the Year

Dan Wood - has a bio here
We owned and operated an environmental construction company for several years that specialized in Stream and Wetland restoration. I am a licensed General Contractor with a background in Construction Management and Inspection. I currently work for SEPI Engineering as the Erosion Control Inspector on the Fayetteville by-pass project. 

 According to James Madison /Jim Womack's alas name on his Blog left a comment saying...
"Dan Wood is an environmental engineer with kids in the school district, and is former military. He is running on a reform platform and has been openly critical of the BOE and Moss for their waste, particularly the laptop initative and the Rosetta Stone program."

Last one !
Robert Garrett from Broadway ,was selected as an alternative with hydrology and water testing .
I can't seem to find much on him either ? Other than he is on this New Committee too.

Well , I have spent all my free time for 2 days getting this info .
Please share it and if you live in Lee County NC . Try to get to a meeting soon.
Next ERAC meeting is on OCT 10th at 6pm.
I intend to go !

Again if you have any information that we can add to this ,please let me know ?

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