Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jim Womadison oops Womack

Too many North Carolinians are sticking their head in the sand

I am tired of it
This Map shows JUST the people in Lee County the smallest county to be fracked!
How many Split Estates will there be in the other  NC counties ?
10's of 1,000s for Sure .
Every landowner on these estates can be FORCED into the fracking process .
Thanks to the Recommendations of the MEC/FRACKING commission at NC-DENR .
not sure who made this but will gladly add name if I find out .
I made this one , I figure this is the Green that excite$ him.
Here are a few other things I thought I'd share about our NC chairman of MEC and Lee County Commissioner .

His alias blog where it is said He is James Madison there and he does claim the blog ,but will not give us a definite ID ? He had much more there till Billy Ball at the INDYweekly wrote an article on him , I think it was called , "What rhymes with Frack? Jim Womack "

and make sure you read the Commish's profile , He loves Bragging on himself .

 Want more check out this blog or just use " Jim Womack" in the search here . 

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