Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frack NC Landowners says MEC

NC Landowners , If you have been to a forced pooling meeting you have heard Jim Womack say, How his Commissioner buddy / Partner at ACEI ,from Bradford county PA says, "THEY" are Happy with being a fracking boom county . "

Bradford County has approx Population: 62,917 (2011)

Area: 1,161 sq miles (3,007 km²)

and Approx 728 WELLS now in their county .

LEE CO is the Smallest NC county with an

Area: 259 sq miles (670.8 km²)

We are basicly a 1/4 of their size land & have nearly the same amount of people !
Population: 58,752 (2011)

Lots more info here ...

How many wells do You want here ?


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