Wednesday, August 21, 2013

US LNG export process too risky

Well I got up grouchy, with our 2 animals wanting immediate attention !Ginger and Patches. They have us trained well.

I am not a morning person... never have been. So I now get up tend to critters then sit down and read my emails and the headlines of the day! 
I am not even through my first cup of Java when a headline in my email catches my eye !
I signed up & get a daily email of Headlines from 'Gas Business Briefing Reports'.
 lol I can not read the articles without paying a High cost , So I just search the internet for their headlines close to it . Today this was one of those headlines ...
"Think tank says US LNG export process too risky " Okay that is scary ...

I have been following this topic for a year !
Yes a year and still the same BS was thrown to me last week !

One article boasted they can raise US NAT GAS price$ 25% by 2025 !
 They have already approved 4 companies that I know of and 8 more are trying to EXPORT. (Maybe more)
Yet we are still hearing our politicians give us this BS about "American Independence "
let's see what is out there about this Independence via O&G companies ???
Independence of imported nat gas so they can export it as fast as they suck it from the earth !
Now this article is very boringly informative of how the plan is coming about via
like these tidbits ...
EIA identified four general effects associated with LNG exports:
1. Increased gas exports would lead to increased US gas prices with the rate of the increase determined by how rapidly exports grew.
2. Of the natural gas exports, 60-70% would be supplied by increased gas production supplemented by a minor increase in Canadian imports.
3. The remainder of gas exports would be met by reduced US consumption because of higher prices.
4. Consumers would see an increase in natural gas and electricity costs, the amount of increase varying based on how rapidly gas exports grew.


Lots more here ...

This one was put out in April , telling about how Fast they plan to start exporting ...

& they grow...more exports approved

NOW for the Other side of the story
Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to overseas markets is a dirty, dangerous practice that lets the industry make a killing at the expense of human health.

Even DOW sees Trouble with Exporting

Okay I am on my 3rd cup of coffee ,ate breakfast and I have had enough if BAD news for the day.
I am going to go outside and enjoy what I am fighting for ....NATURE

Peace to you all.


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