Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FORCED / Compulsory Pooling on NC Landowners is WRONG

Dear NC Landowners  , whether you have made up your mind about wanting NC to be fracked like they are trying to do around the world or Not.
Do YOU want the choice or not to decide if YOUR LAND is fracked ???
If we do not stand up now we may Not have a choice as NC Landowners !
It maybe up to the MEC to give YOUR rights to the O&G companies !
 Here is a Text version of a wonderful flyer PDF put together ,with facts from RAFI_USA .
Who has been at EVERY MEC compulsory pooling meeting and workshop.
If you'd like me to send you a copy of this in PDF form let me know via

We need you to speak out against compulsory pooling, also known as forced pooling, in North

The Mining and Energy Commission’s Compulsory Pooling Study Group (CPSG) will finalize
recommended changes to North Carolina’s compulsory pooling law at a public meeting on August 28, 2013 at 1:00pm at 217 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC, 27603.

Compulsory pooling is used by oil and gas companies to force unleased or non-consenting landowners into oil and gas leases.
It is used when oil and gas operators are unable, through voluntary agreement, to meet the acreage requirements for forming a drilling unit.
Compulsory pooling can result in the loss of your property rights and allow oil and gas companies
to force the leasing of your property. You can learn more by watching RAFI’s short video: Forced
Pooling 101.
Why is compulsory pooling bad for North Carolina?

• It takes away private property rights by forcing landowners to lease their oil and gas rights.
• Dozens of landowners per drilling unit could be forced to lease their oil and gas rights.
• Forced pooling is not necessary for natural gas development.
Pennsylvania and West Virginia do not allow compulsory pooling in the Marcellus Shale where hydraulic fracturing is currently taking place.

• Compulsorily pooled landowners can be forced to pay a penalty for not signing a lease.

What recommendations will be made at the public meeting on August 28, 2013?
• Whether or not compulsory pooling should remain legal in North Carolina.
• If compulsory pooling remains legal, how much acreage should be required before landowners
can be forced to lease their land.
• Whether or not landowners should be charged an additional fee for not signing a lease. This fee
can be as high as 3X the landowner’s share of drilling costs.

Take action against compulsory pooling!
Here’s how:
Attend the meeting on Aug. 28 in Raleigh and tell the CPSG why compulsory pooling is bad for North Carolina.

Email or call CPSG members Dr. Ray Covington, James Womack, Charles Holbrook, and Charlotte Mitchell here:

Please speak out against compulsory pooling in North Carolina.
We are depending on your action to make sure property rights are protected in North Carolina!

PO Box 640, Pittsboro, NC 27312 .
Tel: (919) 542-1396 .
Fax: (919) 542-0069 .

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