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who is ACEI aka American Counties for Energy Independence ?

As I read the great report Diane gave on the latest NC MEC /fracking meeting (last blog) ,
 I got stuck on this part
Holbrook asked if “industry” gets to review the rules, to get their feedback.  Womack says the Stakeholders Committee has industry representatives, and Lee County just joined the American Counties for Energy Independence (ACEI) which has industry representation
Womack also mentioned ACEI again later ...
Womack said he attended a meeting of American Counties for Energy Independence in Houston recently and they are building relationships between local governments (138 counties) and the industry.  The ACEI is ready to “help” NC with rules and best practices, and that is why the Trade Secrets provisions to be revised.

What is ACEI ? where did I hear of that before ?
I googled "Jim Womack American Counties for Energy Independence (ACEI)"

in this snippet it shows Jim Womack as FOUNDING Member of ACEI
Now read what Jim says to the Commissioner's Board ...

* A resolution to join the America's Counties for Energy Independence organization. Proposed by Commissioner Jim Womack, the organization was formed to help counties "efficiently maximize and sustain energy resources," among other things, according to the agenda. The annual fee is $500.
*( check price in next article found)
more on the resolution here ....

doing a google search , I found this article describing the ACEI . titled Keep Feds out ....
here is part of the article ,notice the fees in this, compared to Womack's quote above?

Oil and gas producing counties nationwide are banding together through a common interest. They want to keep the federal government from regulating states rich in oil and gas.

They have formed an organization that, its leaders say, was founded to provide a voice in Washington on national energy policy and to push for state autonomy in regulating the industry.

Doug McLinko, Bradford County, Ill., county commissioner, said in addition to his county and the two in New Mexico, some counties in North Carolina, Ohio, Louisiana and North Dakota have already come on board of about $2,500 that goes towards administrative costs and lobbying efforts, among other activities. "First and foremost, we want to keep the federal government out of our states where we have conventional and unconventional oil and gas drilling and production," he said. "We want to lobby on national energy policies, ....

Okay what the heck is going on ?
 I google searched ," American Counties for Energy Independence Founders "
here is some of what I found ...

then This

James K. WomackCounty Commissioner
Lee County, North Carolina, NC
1615 Boone Trail Road
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: (919) 770-4783 Fax:

Activities and positions held in state association:
I am active in the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners- NCACC. I serve on the Environment Steering Committee of our state association. I am the elected Chairman of the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission, the rulemaking body for all forms of energy development in our state. I represent all 100 NC counties in this body.
Activities and positions held at NACo:
Serving now as a member of the NACO EELU Committee. Have attended three consecutive conferences to participate in EELU activities. Comments:
I am a founding member and sit on the Board of Directors of the American Counties for Energy Independence (ACEI) organization- a newly developed national organization aimed at promoting oil and gas self-sufficiency across the country. North Carolina is leading the nation in baselining our environment and socio-economic situation so we can measure and impact the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing and Horizontal Drilling in coming years. We are putting in place the most comprehensive and balanced set of rules anywhere in the country. As the Chairman of that rulemaking body, I bring a lot of expertise to the NACO forum on relevant best practices.
Requirements of Appointee 1. If you receive a presidential appointment will you be able to:
      a. Attend all meetings. Yes
      b. Finance all of your expenses for serving as an appointee. Yes 

2. Is the board in your county supportive of this appointment application?   Yes
      Yes, I am the lead voice and acknowledged expert on all energy related matters in my county. My county strongly supports me as state Chairman for Mining & Energy matters. I have established strong ties to the Governor's office and the NC General Assembly for related legislative matters.
3. Is your state association supportive of this appointment application?   Yes
      I am a very active member of NCACC and have the trust and confidence of the staff there. Several of the NCACC staff are participants in my rulemaking body for energy development in NC.

Here is another reference I found at ... He said the final report must clearly categorize which level of government has the authority to regulate. “Setbacks are useful but may hamper economic growth.” Colorado has more stringent rules than Texas or the EPA. On this subject, Womack mentioned Kellie Hotter, former La Plata Co. Commissioner, who spoke at the [Mar. 2012] National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, D.C. [She is affiliated with his American Counties for Energy Freedom group.]

   "America’s" Counties for Energy Independence is another name I found it called .

Now we have this information .... now to figure out which is TRUE ???

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  1. Use of more fossil fuels is not the answer. The answer is developing non-polluting, renewable energy sources.


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