Friday, June 7, 2013

Fracking SB76 on the floor of the house,back Monday

Breaking SB76 will go back to the Senate floor Monday ! Friday summary of action:
House gives final approval to its version of S76 Fracking changes 71-32.

Goes back to Senate.  
Call your Reps and tell them
"Protect NC Tourism and AG , our Main $$ coming into our state !  fracking our land and communities will ruin this income !!!"

It is raining here in Sanford and I was away for a couple days, so I am trying to catch up with the SB76 information ?

Well I just typed in "NC SB76" and found lots of stuff . Like the link to see the bill in all 6 versions so far ... lots of marking out and adding to for sure !

this article with a video of some of what happened Weds. at the House .

Then I found this link where I was able to listen to the full debates at the House.

I must say it was hard to listen to it all this ... 
Listening to Mike Stone and some others selling fracking like it is the best thing out there and totally trying to make it sound like everyone that are Really INFORMED are okay with SB76 ?????

 I was ready to go out in the pouring rain to cool off after hearing Mike saying ,
" When all the fracking /MEC meetings/study groups got started 100's of people were showing up wanting to get Informed about what might happen if they frack? But Now since NC people are more Informed they don't go to the meetings and that shows me (mike) that people feel safe with the MEC .
What ?
 I was SO angry when I heard this "LIE" .
I wanted to drive there and just go scream out...
"This is a lie, people have to work, they can Not take off work to go to all these meetings.
We aren't allowed to Really be heard there and we are often treated badly for showing concern!
They don't properly inform the General Public of these meetings and so called workshops .
Plus most of the agendas aren't even on the DENR/MEC website till the day or 2 before ?"

I want to personally Thank all the Representatives that are speaking up for NC people instead of the Oil and Gas Companies future in NC  !

Representative Pricey Harrison “This also promotes offshore drilling, and I think many of us are concerned about what that means to our coast,” 

 Representative Deb McManus, for Lee 54/Chatham, I wish You were REP 51 also !
Thank YOU for speaking out for the people of NC !
Mike Stone said , " People are not going to meetings, blah ..."
You told Mike & the House the truth !
"Yes we are still very worried But "We Must continue Going to Work and can not go to Every meeting the MEC pops up with !!! "
For the record many don't believe Mike is listening to Lee County people at all!
 unless of course they agree with fracking  !
 I have written him with NO replies back and called his office only to be allowed to leave a message that is not returned .

Thank you ,  Representative Becky Carney who spoke out and said , "We are telling our citizens 1 thing and doing another !"
"The budget is important but not as important as Our resource  Water." She also said , "Let the studies (as Promised ) Take place before you make your rulings !"

"It is reasonable to wait till the EPA issues a report on whether fracking causes contamination – damage – or not  to the most important issue going forward in this state, our water," said Carney . "I don’t understand why we can’t do and adhere to what we voted on with a mistaken vote last year. What is the rush?"

Thank You to all the Reps for Standing up  , who said ,
"Slow down , don't fast track fracking in NC."


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