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Fracking and Railroads in NC ?

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Fracking and Railroads in NC ??

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) reported in February that U.S. Class I railroads originated a record 233,811 carloads of crude oil in 2012, representing a 256 percent gain (not a typo) from the 65,751 carloads of crude oil originated in 2011.
While this was happening, 2012 coal loadings were down 726,257 carloads or 10.8 percent. This link tells how Happy the rail folks are getting with this fracking mess ...but it does mention after all the past rises there has been falling !!!

these earlier periods of “good times” were almost always followed by a significant market drop lasting for years ....

What about NC Rails ,what are like these days ?
Road Worrier: North Carolina tries to get money out of its railroad

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The North Carolina Railroad has a complicated relationship with its namesake and sole shareholder: North Carolina.
Each day, 60 freight trains and 10 passenger trains travel NCRR tracks that curve across the state for 317 miles, from Charlotte to Morehead City. Norfolk Southern Railroad pays $14 million a year to use the NCRR tracks.
The NCRR operates as a private corporation, but it is owned entirely by the public – the taxpayers of North Carolina.
The railroad does not receive tax dollars from the state. And, although it is a solvent and profitable enterprise, it does not pay dividends to the state.
The N.C. Railroad makes money. In a struggling economy, North Carolina needs money. These tensions between the NCRR and its owner were highlighted last week by two developments.

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Now what do they haul to use for fracking ...

Frack Sand – coming to a railroad near you?
frack sand is special. It’s not dirt; it’s tiny silica crystals – tiny sharp crystals just the right size for breathing in and lodging into the interior of worker’s lungs. Not to mention the lungs of people living and breathing near drill sites.
It can take up to four million pounds of frack sand to stimulate a single well.

Rail transportation possible for water in gas fracking

okay here are more articles if you like .

The fracking boom, as told in six railroad industry graphs

Moving crude oil by rail story could be more than a chapter or two

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