Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cradle-to-grave fracking

I did not go to the Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation seminar in New Bern Saturday, because I thought it was a waste  .
 Seems JW had a hand in Who was picked or not picked to speak at this event?
 When He is treated special like that , I had no intention of wasting fuel or time to go !
But I found this article about the event that stirred my blood pressure reading it.
Fracking wastewater not headed to ENC wells
 No not the title ,well maybe , if not ENC where, came to mind??? What do they have planned ?
It was these statements below by a Roach , I'd like to stomp like a disgusting bug should be.
Also many by MEC head Chairperson/ Commissioner of Lee Co/ Founder of ACEI / Blog writer
 Jim Womack .

William Roach, head of a Pennsylvania fracking consulting company, said the fracture stimulation is not new.
It has been around since 1865. There is ample evidence that, if done right with “cradle-to-grave” responsibility by the extracting company built into the process, it can be a viable option to help the U.S. attain energy independence.

Cradle to grave , or spill to well ?
I say fracking 'Stimulation' is Not new, but Horizontal drilling has not been Profitable for Shale until the last Few years !17 times more than a decade earlier But the price of nat gas is low right now so they intend to "SELL / Export the Nat Gas not make the USA or NC Independent as they say !

Now Mr James K Womack

As a Commissioner you can see here how he show Disrespect for his fellow commissioners.

As a multipurpose MEC / ACEI chair >>>>

Now for "Chairperson Womack"  does he Really think people just believe everything that comes from his mouth? well maybe some do ?
There are a Lot of us that tend to Question it all? (just read my last blog)

One participant at the meeting ,questioned "who was monitoring" any potential conflict of interest of the 13 members of the Mining and Energy Commission, which includes a 30-year veteran of Halliburton and others with current energy company connections ? 

Notice JW does Not give Who was monitoring" ??

“I am very confident we have people of the utmost integrity” as members, and they are bound by the state code of ethics and sworn to disclose any potential conflict of interest, Womack said.

He said the commission is taking two years and looking at the rules for 35 other states as it attempts to write fracking rules for North Carolina that will be the best in the nation for protecting water and air quality and the quality of life for those around the natural gas wells, now and in the future.

I google searched these words... fracking rules “best in the nation"

Government officials have used that quote repeatedly . 
 I mean 1000's of times in their speeches... None Yet has lived up to it!

A retired DR B Holmes , told Womack , He said he was concerned about the effect that fracking wastewater could have on the underground aquifers that would supply drinking water for his grandchildren.

Womack...“We are opposed to doing that,” said Womack, who does not believe deep well injection of wastewater will be needed or cost effective for the energy companies who will be fracking for natural gas ; helium and other shale gas deposits.”

I found this about helium
The more shale gas production there is, the more diluted the helium is,” Clarke said before the release of the U.S. government data. “It just makes it more difficult to access helium.”
An estimated 7.67 trillion cubic feet of U.S. natural gas was extracted using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, of shale rock in the U.S. last year. That’s 17 times more than a decade earlier, which forecast production will reach 13.6 trillion cubic feet in 2035, accounting for 49 percent of gas output.
“The fracking mining that has become such a boom in the U.S. and Canada yields virtually no helium gas.”

Who is Really watching out for NC?

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