Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What about the Abandoned Gas Wells?

I hate thinking about NC being fracked . It is sad to think of our little hometown of Sanford turning into a Boom Town . Not like it is now, a simple place.

What about the Abandoned Gas Wells?
Even sadder is the fact that folks don't even know what is getting ready to happen to them here ? The government is not Really telling people what is going to happen ... and they definitely are not telling what could happen Later !
Like exploding abandoned wells!  
MEC Jim Womack caressing the well, dreaming of fracking up Lee County for more pics of this well
Until recently, Barr had no inkling that abandoned wells could be dangerous. She decorated one of the pipes in her backyard with a bird feeder. Then Barr heard about a how a house in Bradford, McKean County, blew up.   State regulators centered their investigation of the 2011 incident on gas from an abandoned well, drilled in 1881, located about 300 feet from the home.
“I thought, whoa, what the f—?” Barr recalls. “Can you imagine stepping out to shovel snow, and your whole house goes poof?”
Perilous Pathways: How Drilling Near An Abandoned Well Produced a Methane Geyser
This graphic shows how methane gas can make its way from deep underground into a basement, water well or the ground.
Perilous Pathways: How Abandoned Wells Can Contribute To Methane Migration Problems
One month later, Chesapeake Energy was hit with a $900,000 fine — the largest environmental fine in Pennsylvania history – for failing to fix faulty well casing that caused methane gas to seep through the ground and into 16 Bradford County families’ water supplies.

The old well – known as the “Butters well” because it was drilled on property owned by Mr. W.J. Butters – is one of an estimated 200,000 abandoned oil and gas wells dotting Pennsylvania. While nobody knows where the vast majority of those wells are, the Butters well was not one of the hidden holes: Shell knew the well was there. A spokeswoman says the company thought the operation had been properly plugged. Clearly, it wasn’t.

How many abandoned wells are in NC ?
Lee County has 2 that we Know of ?
One called "the Butler well" .
What about the other counties?

Don't forget there will be Lots of these wells here too in NC if we don't stop them  NOW!

Just made
Fracking in North Carolina- Butler #3 Shale Gas Test Well from Douglas A. Harned on Vimeo.

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