Friday, May 24, 2013

Neither EDF nor CSSD represents ME !

I am seeing RED ...
Center for Sustainable Shale Development what the _________???
I am going to have to stop reading my emails before I have my breakfast . Sitting here reading these stories drinking my coffee I can feel my blood pressure rising rapidly!
I did this yesterday too ! I ate a bite, then was so angry I went outside and dug a ditch just to calm down , it was about 12 foot long or so when I finally realized what I was doing  ! So now I have a new forsythia row planted and a 6x6  bed to add to !    
now back to this AM
I found this letter from Croatan Earth First and read the article . I could not believe my eyes ! I added a few lines below from the article here , but Please go read it all!  
PS , I did find North Carolina WARN on the list of grassroot orgs !
WASHINGTON, D.C.///May 22, 2013///A total of 68 leading grassroots organizations focused on citizen and environmental issues today released a joint letter to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) disapproving of the group’s willingness to be coopted by industry interests on the issue of hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) for shale gas.

Gail Pressberg, senior program director, Civil Society Institute, said: “Our message today is very simple: The Environmental Defense Fund does not speak for local communities, which are fully capable of speaking for themselves when it comes to fracking and its deleterious impacts. While EDF is free to partner with the gas industry, we feel it is important that the press and the public clearly understand that neither EDF nor CSSD represents the environmental and public health communities on the subject of shale oil and gas extraction.”

It is disappointing that the voluntary performance standards set by CSSD often fall far short of what are widely acknowledged to be best management practices. For example, Performance Standard No. 4 calls for open, double-lined pits to store flowback fluid, although closed-loop drilling systems and tank storage do a much better job of minimizing air, soil and water contamination and protecting wildlife-which, not incidentally, also enters the human food chain.
From a public health perspective, there are other glaring faults with the CSSD performance standards. Performance Standard No. 7 permits operators to limit disclosure of the chemicals they inject underground by citing trade secret protection. We simply do not believe commercial interests can be allowed to trump public health concerns regarding underground injection.

Now off to the garden ....
the Chinaberry  trees are blooming

I'm not the only one that digs around here !

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