Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fractivist Support

Dear Friends ,
   Fighting fracking day after day can be Depressing !!! I must say the Good out of all this is making friends over the internet and in person with other Fractivist !
People from all walks of life, people of all kinds are in this together .
We also support each other in so many ways too.
So I thought I would ask You to think about showing a little support for this wonderful lady and think about buying a book from her !
I am sharing part a letter and request with you from a lady I have not had the chance Yet to meet , but hope to meet soon . Hopefully to sign the new book I just ordered !
Judy Hogan .
She is an inspiring lady, active fractivist  , poet ,writer , author & thinker , who raises chickens and a sustainable garden .
found online
Oh did I mention she is also has Moncure in Chatham county plastered with antifrack signs too .

 here is her email  .
Years ago my friend Jean had to go to the hospital, and she took Pablo Neruda with her.  She said not all poetry books helped in the hospital, but Neruda's did.  It occurred to me that that is the kind of book Beaver Soul is.  It would be good company in the hospital.  Here's another sample:
... New life fights toward breath.
My soul is no exception. True, she would
rather hide her face under the honeysuckle
vines that have climbed all over the big
cedar tree stump. She has never wanted so
much to turn back just when her destiny is
calling out to her more insistently even
than these geese cry. And each moment that passes
seems to press her farther down toward the earth.
How will she manage to lift her head high
enough to see the promised sun blindingly
bright and clear in April? She doesn’t know.
But the yellow narcissus does.
From Finishing Line Press, the pre-sales period having been active since May 13, I learned Friday that so far four people have ordered it. Thank you! I need 51 more people to order it by June 28, for them to print it!  $14.49, and you can order on  I think you'll be glad you did, and I'll be very grateful!
Happy reading!  Judy Hogan
Now go buy the book !
Here is something I found about Judy !
Judy’s writings about the natural world use metaphors as a way of exploding the bounds of perception.  Her poems are informational, compressing experiences, and continue over a span of thirty years to help us see the likenesses between systems of human, plant, animal,  and celestial worlds.  Judy teaches us how to use our poet eyes, how to guide us to truths beyond the scientific way of seeing, weighing, measuring, abstraction, and dissection.
–Jaki S. Green, 2003 winner of the North Carolina Award, 2009 Piedmont Poet Laureate  
here is a couple links to learn more about her .

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