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Frack Halliburton ,NC wants chemical list !

Wow for months we have wanted to see more coverage of fracking in NC's media . Add the name Halliburton to the equation and boom there is articles everywhere ... I counted over 30 articles about this!
So I have decided to grab some of the comments and such that caught my eye, out of about 1/2 of these articles I read ! (still reading more this Sat AM coming in!)
 The MEC group was already a pro-industry group and is working on very mild
 but now the recommendations and rules have to be approved - not by the people of NC,
but by Haliburton and the oil and gas industry.

Womack said he has been involved in private discussions with Halliburton officials,
 and is confident the commission can deal with the company’s concerns without compromising
 public safety.

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 “I’m just discouraged that information wasn’t brought forward while the committee was deliberating,” said commissioner Charlotte Mitchell, a Raleigh lawyer. “We spent hours deliberating.”
"Is this the way the commission is going to work?" asked Commission Charlotte Mitchell, a Raleigh lawyer. "There seem to be conversations happening offline and not in public about this rule that has already come out of committee."

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Therese Vick, an organizer with the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, chastised the commission for the sinister appearance of its dealings with Halliburton.

MEC Commissioner ,Vik Rao also former chief technology officer at Halliburton

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said Friday. “The fact remains that these rules on chemical disclosure were debated, talked about and publicly commented on over months, and where was the industry then?”
 “Why did they not come to this podium and speak for three minutes or less?”

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 “In the end the public should judge us by the results, not by the method or by the appearance,” he said.

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Fracking giant Halliburto​n nixes NC¹s chemical disclosure rule
there were 43 comments at this first story by 6:30 Friday
comments like...
Halliburton nixes fracking?
Halliburton is in charge?

Why do we pretend this is a democracy wherein decisions are made by citizens and elected representatives?

Have the representatives given their power to the lobbying interests?

We need legislators who can stand up to special interests, any vertebrates out there?   Let's get rid of these spineless folks that allow Halliburton and others to dictate what will happen in NC.

Fracking giant Halliburton nixes NC's chemical disclosure rule
The standard spells out which chemicals fracking operators have to publicly disclose when drilling natural gas wells in North Carolina.
But commissioners learned Thursday the proposal they had approved in committee in March is on ice.
The problem: Fracking giant Halliburton has told North Carolina’s environmental regulators the rule goes too far. The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources is working to get the rule changed.
The developments raise questions about the independence and integrity of the Mining & Energy Commission, a panel created by the state legislature last year to create safety rules for shale gas exploration. In the latest challenge to the commission’s autonomy, its chairman, James Womack, stunned his fellow commissioners Thursday with the disclosure that they will not be voting on the proposed chemical disclosure rule Friday as originally planned.
“We’re anticipating some changes to the substance of the rule,” Womack said during a meeting of the commission’s Rules Committee. “We still have contention about the rule.
‘Transparency’ questioned
Other commissioners were quick to protest.
“Where is the contention?” Commissioner Charlotte Mitchell, a Raleigh lawyer, fired back. “Is this the way the commission is going to work?”
She added: “There seem to be conversations happening offline and not in public about this rule that has already come out of committee.”
Commissioner Amy Pickle, state policy program director at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, was also frustrated that the commission’s work is subject to veto by the energy industry.
“I’m very sensitive to surprising the public, the (lack of ) transparency, and wasting time,” Pickle said. “This rule does not have full support in conversations that are taking place outside this process.”



Fracking chemical disclosure rule under review - News 14
NC fracking rule pulled after Halliburton objects
Up to 600 chemicals are used in fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxins such as Benzene ,  lead, uranium, mercury, ethylene glycol, radium, methanol, hydrochloric acid, & formaldehyde. etc;


  1. The love of money is the root of all evil. No need to look any further. Haliburton, famous for their "contracts" in many underhanded operations is showing there face. What can we do about it?

  2. Thanks, going to share this link


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